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    Poll: The Warrior, the Wizard and the Thief

    I usually play a ranger type, if the option's there, but otherwise I'm all about brute force and lack of subtlety.
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    You stole my kill!

    Most games these days have kill assist points, so it's not that much of a problem unless they're dota or it's clones and the kill helps your own progression. In that case, if I've been in a 1 on 1 duel with someone for a few minutes and they bolt on low health, and you waltz out of the bushes...
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    astral projection.

    See, I like to think that Astral Projection and other psychic phenomena are disproved by history alone. If it were real and true, and as easy as the OP is suggesting -even if only then to SOME people, then it would've seen immense practical usage in the past in leiu of technology. WHY develop...
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    Are you afraid of death?

    This. It's meaningless to fear being dead, because there will be no way or ability to perceive it. If you are dead, you simply don't exist. I don't look back in horror at the eternity before I existed because I didn't experience it, and it's meaningless to me. The eternity afterwards will be the...
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    Poll: Where are the Escapists distributed?

    Just the continent? Then Africa. And by the looks of it, I'm the only one here.
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    Cartoons you used to watch that no one else knew of.

    Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys was my favourite show for a long time, yet it appears no one my age remembers it. Fortunately someone else mentioned it earlier on this thread, I was beginning to think I was mad.
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    Your awesome last words.

    "Ah dammit this keeps happening. Now I have to roll another character." Or Grab the person closest to me, a look of terror in my eyes, and shout "Quickly, dog or lemon? Tell me! DOG OR LEMON!?" *die*
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    To all you Non American English speaking people out there

    They ALWAYS get the South African accents wrong. Always. Most foreigners don't seem to realise that native english speakers accents and Afrikaans accents are two different things, so it always winds up being some sort of mash-up. I'm looking at YOU, Leonardo di Capiro and Matt Damon!
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    Space marine demo; thoughts?

    Just played the demo now and it blew my mind. Facing down a horde of charging orks? HELL YEA! Causing a crater by rocketing into them from above? HECK YES! Smashing their FACES in with a huge electro-axe thing? GAAAAARHGH! I probably had more fun from that short demo than the last three games...
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    The song your listening to is your Zombie killing theme.

    Prodigy - Invaders Must Die... Damn I could kill zombies ALL DAMN DAY to that
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    Poll: Fem Shep hair colour voting on FB

    I've always played with shepard a brunette, but the red hair suits the one they're giving us far better than any of the others.
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    What'd you name your Shepard and why?

    Sarah for my main femshep, and Alex for manshep. I'm going to name my children after them.
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    Question of the Day, April 1, 2010

    I do anything for chickens
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    What is your dream job?

    An author as well as a conceptual/graphic artist (my avatar comes from one of my paintings). Shameless self-promotion for me too? ------>
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    Poll: Choose your weapon!

    A polearm. More specifically a Halberd. It's got reach, to keep you far away from the other bastards, a pointy bit at the end to stick into footsoldier bastards opposite you, a cutting bit to hack away at armoured bastards, and a hooky bit for bastards on horseback. A weapon for the rabble :)