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    Repetitive Stress Up, Falling Out of Trees Down Among Kids

    They don't actually give the numbers for what that 60% rise represents. Has it gone from 10 to 16 or 10,000 to 16,000? Those are both 60% increases (unless my math skills are truly terrible). No context = BAAAD journalism.
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    Rockstar the only real videogame artists

    Bull shit just wanted to revive a old post
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    174: Hippocratic Game Design

    "Tom Endo hopes to one day visit the West Edmonton Mall and eat a Cinnabon. He'll also visit BioWare, if they'll have him." Cinnabon at West Edmonton Mall is so worth it. Plus you get to eat right next to a replica pirate ship!
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    Why Activision Ditched Riddick

    Someone wrote some funny in Kotick's Wikipedia entry (last sentence)... wonder how long it will last: "Robert A. Kotick (born 1963)[1] is the CEO, president, and board member for Activision Blizzard, a video game developer and publisher, and was previously the CEO for Activision from February...
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    174: What if the Player is Black?

    Someone ought to make a game based on Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea books, where all of the main characters, including the wizards, are not white. It was pretty terrible that when the Sci-Fi channel made a mini-series about Earthsea they changed all the characters to being white. Awful. I'm going...
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    Do you have any games you've never played?

    Jeeze, I've got so many games sitting on my shelf unplayed it's embarassing. I'm a super packrat I guess so whenever I see a game that I've wanted and it's used and a good price, I snatch it up, knowing full well I already don't have enough time to play the ones I've got... I must have more...
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    161: Indie or Die

    I agree with you actually. Sacrificing entertainment value is a no-no. I just see a lot of the "entertainment only" crowd as being just as elitist as the "artistic" community, in that they criticize anything that doesn't meet their "pure entertainment" standards. I think we both agree that...
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    161: Indie or Die

    You call it artsy fartsy pretentiousness, but I think the whole "entertainment is everything" argument is a bit small-minded. Certainly, entertainment should be an important element of good art, but why does it have to be the only one. What's wrong with striving for something deeper, more...
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    172: Heathens by Design

    You've possibly nicked most of that from the first paragraph of Wikipedia's atheism article... and I don't disagree with the definition because it's the same as mine. If you say you don't believe in god, then you're saying there is no god. It doesn't make the...
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    172: The Gods Must Be Crazy

    I had the opposite reaction to Darwinia. The screams each Darwinian yelled out upon dying haunted me to no end, making me try even harder to keep them alive. There was something infant-like about them or something.
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    172: Heathens by Design

    I think a common mistake made here and in the article is not knowing the difference between atheism and agnosticism. Atheists say there is no god. Agnostics say we can't know whether there is a god or not, and so we shouldn't bother worrying about it--just get on with your lives. Seems...
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    Sick of the term "reboot"

    I really hate the way "rebooting" has become the biggest trend in Hollywood and to a lesser degree in gaming. Maybe it's applicable in some cases like Batman, but it's really just a code word for the conservative producers in Hollywood to admit that they aren't going to bother seeking out any...
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    Not exactly cutting edge graphics, but still visually appealing games

    Anyone played the Syberia games? Gameplay is mostly standard adventure game stuff, but the visuals by French graphic artist Benoit Sokal are to die for. And the music is haunting and emotional. And the story gets me all teary-eyed every time I think about it, let alone play it...
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    Mercenaries and its Controversy

    I just find it ironic that people who say they hate they way Chavez whines about America are so good at whining about Chavez.
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    Mercenaries and its Controversy

    But you can't deny there would be other Americans who would be offended.