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    Escape to the Movies: Pacific Rim

    I've never liked the Transformer movies. Sat through 45 minutes of the first one before turning it off. Saw 15 minutes of the seconds before turning that off. Haven't bothered and will never bother with the 3rd. With that in mind, I enjoyed Pacific Rim. They were definitely just shy of a...
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    Poll: Did You Receive An Allowance?

    Never. Started working off the books when I was 12. Once I started working on the books at 16 I would give my parents $50 every two weeks to help with my share of living expenses. The rest of the money I used to buy my clothes and entertainment. As I've made more money over the years...
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    Bad guy motivations

    Can't really recall a good video game villian in recent memory. I hate most video game villains. They are evil for the sake of being evil and are horribly one-dimensional as a consequence. Few people of power and stature worth standing up to are truly evil. You might percieve them as wicked or...
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    Put me down for Glenlivet. I'll switch it up with Glenfiddich once in a while for its smokier flavor, though. I prefer single malt but will go with Dimple from time to time. Really dislike Johnny Walker anything. My intro to whiskey was JW Black and, needless to say, it completely turned...
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    Poll: Mario Gets a Sex Change

    Don't like. She needs bigger boobs, less clothing and high heels. The thigh-highs are a step in the right direction, though.
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    So Windows 8, who's using it?

    I am cautiously optimistic for Windows 8. It looks to offer a few decent features/fixes beyond the Metro UI but I'll wait and see. What I don't understand is people claiming to ditch Windows for a Mac or Linux due to changes in a future version of Windows. "Gee, Windows X has Y feature I...
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    Your Attitudes Towards Rule 34 Stories

    I don't read much fanfiction of any kind. Maybe its because I've never bothered to go out of my way to find the "good ones" but the few I've stumbled across accidentally, erotic or not, don't really seem to be very engaging.
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    Who do you think will be in Avengers 2?

    I think that is pretty obvious. One of the reasons why I don't follow comics is because most of them have such ridiculous twists, turns and convoluted events that I have a hard time caring enough to follow it all. But I do think that Pepper and Tony having a son or daughter allows them to...
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    Who do you think will be in Avengers 2?

    Dunno about axing Iron Man. There are still many comic book plot lines to be explored (Jarvis becoming sentient, Pepper becoming a friggin' cyborg, Tony having a son, etc.) and he's too much of a draw to not renew his contract. He'd be right to charge top dollar for renewal. He deserves it...
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    Cartoons: Then and now.

    I think cartoons are better now than they were back in the 90s and I actually attribute that to anime. What drew me to anime back when I was a kid in the early 90s was that there was an actual plot that progressed along with the series. Characters grew and developed, villians and heroes were...
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    What game have you beaten the most times?

    Sonic 3 and Knuckles several dozen times. Maybe even over 100 but not certain. Next up would have to be Shining the Holy Ark at about 8-10 times. Been many years since I last played it though and every once and again I get the itch to dust of the Saturn and go at it. There's so much I love...
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    Increasingly skinny women in video games?

    I constantly see this image thrown about when it is in correct. The one on the left is actually wearing level 10-ish armor. Castanics with no armor have a basic panty-and-bra setup. With that in mind I make no attempts to defend this game's hyper-sexual attire. Because, quite frankly, I like...
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    Books you regret reading

    Recently: The brief wondrous life of oscar wao. Immediately after finishing this book I had to ask myself what was the point in reading it. None of the characters grew or developed, nothing changed save for things dictated by the course of time and the lesson of the story seems to be: it is...
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    What are the best games to come out in recent years?

    Arkham Asylum and Arkham City they are fantastic games that excel in execution, gameplay and atmosphere. They are not great because Batman is in them. They make Batman great. I care little for comics and comic book heroes but I love these games dearly.
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    Zero Punctuation: Diablo 3

    Hmm interesting. You don't share loot with other players online. Wonder how much of his review is based on actual game time. Oh well, I'm here for the comedy, not the "review". Could have been funnier. Lot's of really bad spots in the story and dialog that could have served as a jumping-off...