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    Unskippable: Ace Combat 6

    lol NIN RULES!
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    Games Give Retired Wrestler Young Fans

    glad it was Bret "The Hitman" Hart a talent wrestler than crappy Hulk Hogan. Bret is the best
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    Poll: Do YOU think your good looking?

    meh im Alright i guess.
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    The Godfather II Review

    this game sucks then :( i was thinking about getting it til now.
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    Assassin's Creed II Officially Unveiled

    My friend still can't belive they are making this, but you could of seen it comming how they left the first one.
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    Poll: Is the simpsons getting worse

    yes it is i can't even watch the old ones.
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    Poll: Genre wars.who should win?

    Ninjas for the Win ^^
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    Your favorite band! What genre of music is your favorite?

    Rock, Metal, Industrial, some Drum 'n' Bass & some Techno Band would be Nine Inch Nails
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    Baby names?

    I had a kid his name is Aidan. but if i have more i guess Samantha, Holly or Morrigan for a girl for a boy i just don't know.
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    Other teamates stupidity

    In MGO i left hanging in the capture mission really fucking sucks being the only guy to do it by myself agaist 5 to 10 people.:@
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    Have you ever woken up early to play a game before work/school?

    Back when i went to school i did, don't do it now adays.
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    Who is the "Most Annoying Game Character Ever."

    Sticky from fallout 3 is the one i can recall laterly the Adoring Fans from oblivion and i guess the partner in RE5 is anoying unless its on co-op
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    What is your favorite OLD PC game?

    Baldur's Gate Fallout Broken Sowrd Neverwinter Nights C&C red alert
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    Poll: Genre wars poll

    I'm a Ninja, the others are a Toaster, and rotting sandwitch, a rusty battered old coin, some UFO witch is ok and the coolest is the Ninja star, but they needed one best class of all... The Lumberjack ^^
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    Review: Flock

    LOL love it when you said "Screw This" lol Awesome.