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    Do you think that people outside of the USA are catching up on fatness?

    I think it's a culture thing, people get stuck in their bubble and would not get out-Mentally and physically. As well as culture going pro hedonism with people eating whatever junk they want without restraint.
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    Do you think that people outside of the USA are catching up on fatness?

    There's this new statistic from the World Health Organization that says child obesity has increased tenfold in the last 40 years ago. I've lived in Europe my whole life and I have to say that it rings true. People are getting fatter as the American junk-food (McDonald's, soft-drinks, frozen...
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    American Made - Let's Give This a Shot

    You know, reviews like this kind of make me give up on reading any sort of reviews. Don't get me wrong, the piece is well written and Matthew knows his stuff, but I don't know if he and most of the reviewers out there can appreciate a movie like American Made. I watched it with several people...
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    Zero Punctuation: Vanquish

    Okay, I'll admit that I phrased that in hopes to make people mad, but the facts remain - Yahtzee acts differently and rather irrationally when in a relationship - as most men, including ol' Balkan here do. We're all "beta phag cucks" deep down, Kwak.
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    Zero Punctuation: Vanquish

    ZP's humor is based around Yahtzee tearing games and expressing his opinions, with some irony added, but not at the expense of YZ's honest opinions. If the roles were reversed, and he shat on Hillary instead of Trump, of course I'd be less annoyed, as I'm not hearing that kind of humor 24/7. The...
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    Zero Punctuation: Vanquish

    I've watched every single ZP + all videos in Yahtzee's YouTube channel. I've also read a big chunk of his old blog, and I can definitely say that he kind of cucks out whenever he smells a bit of pussy. The guy moved to Australia to chase a ***** that ended up dumping him. My theory is that...
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    Zero Punctuation: Vanquish

    Is it just me, or has Yahtzee become something of an insufferable liberal since he moved to the United States? There's barely an episode going by without an out-of-touch jab at American politics.
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    Samuel L. Jackson Thinks Force Awakens Actors Need "Lightsaber Fight School"

    But Mr. Plinkett said that lightsaber fights should be shitty flailing, so I also think that.
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    The Plight of the Mary Sue Character in Games

    Yahtzee certainly hasn't done his homework this time around. Geralt isn't really disliked by the whole of society, he's actually made tons of friends throught the book series of which the games are sort of sequels. Witchers are said to kidnap kids and put them through the incredibly dangerous...
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    Disregard Weapons, Acquire Tools

    The funny thing about the game is that the "Tools" upgrade mechanic does have an icon depicting something similar to a wire cutter. It's not immersion breaking if you put it in the story's context- Joel is a violent thung, basically on the run. It's not impossible that he never ran across wire...
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    No Right Answer: Is Game of Thrones Overrated?

    The reason why Game of Thrones is confusing and convoluted is the clusterfuck of a development team the show has. Almost every episode is written and directed by different people and that twists everything into one mess of a plot. Characters change their behavior at will, Cersei, her brother and...
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    10 Great Things About the Thief Reboot

    I strongly disagree. Thief 4 was flawed from the very moment of it's inception. It's not a case of a bad game that could have turned out good (like Tomb Raider or Lost Planet 3). From the gameplay to the awful writing and delivery of the story. Its one of the few cases where both the concept and...
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    Poll: Is Not Dating a Certain Race Racist?

    Ain't that the most typical topic on this forum? My answer is NO. Not wanting someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't mean you hate them.
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    GTA Baton Rouge: Man Claims Game Inspired His Crime Spree

    What do you mean by "nice things"? Crime happens no matter what. It happened before GTA, movies, even books. We could blame whatever we want, it doesn't change anything.
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    Jimquisition: To Play The Villain

    I was going to say how Niko is more complex than Jim described, but there are enough people that did that. What I'm going to say is that games are full with well written "professional" characters. Agent 47 doesn't care about what happens as long as the job's done. Joel doesn't seem to be...