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    Netflix cancelled Iron Fist and Luke Cage

    uh-oh. When Disney bought Hulu, my expectation became that they'd just rename it and that would be the Disney streaming site. Far to easy to imagine someone saying, "Why would we program a new system when we have this one right here?" That said, yeah, probably those shows are gone in...
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    Bad parts in great games.

    More recently, the Mary Jane and Miles portions of Spiderman. Poorly designed and virtually no fun (except maybe the part with MJ in Grand Central). Twice, I just turned off the game and came back later, and every single time, I sighed as soon as it happened.
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    I really like this continuing trend with Japanese games and character creation

    About the most fun I've had in a game was when a co-worker and I made extremely faithful representations of ourselves in Saint's Row 2 and played the entire game in co-op mode. A couple of overweight, middle-aged high school teachers running amok made an already funny game absolutely hilarious.
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    Discuss and rate the last thing you read

    So, I should preface: I'm a high school English teacher and I get a lot of recommendations from students. I try to read them all. The Phoenix Empress by K Arsenault Rivera It's a little racist, a little queer, and ... generally okay. Appropriation aside, I kind of like the world building...
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    Bloated Backlogs and Rental Markets

    9. Free games from console subscription services and humble bundles. I have games that I didn't pay for, that I'm somewhat interested in, and that I've never actually booted up because I'm busy enjoying other things.
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    Poll: Zach Snyder is great and his superhero films are the best of recent years. What do you reckon?

    Yeah, sorry. I don't think the DCEU movies are quite as bad as billed, but I definitely don't think they are good. In large part because I'm not sure who the audience is. If it was for purists, it's weird that they went with atypical batman and superman philosophies. If it's for kids, it's...
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    What side do you walk on?

    Which ever side has the least traffic.
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    What franchise do you consider to be the perfect Tolkien-esque Fantasy setting?

    Tolkien is pretty much the founder of epic fantasy. It's like Frankenstein and SciFi, Lovecraft and Cosmic Horror, etc. I mean to be fair, Tolkien took from earlier sources (Smaug is pretty much the dragon who killed Beowulf, right up to being set off by having a thief steal a goblet from...
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    I need morale boosting

    Most authors write a lot of crap before they start writing good stuff. Accept the fact that you'll write a lot of crap and dive right into to writing crap you wish was better. It's like anything else. Want to be good at shooting free throws? Be prepared to miss a lot first. There's a...
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    Don't know what job I want.

    I don't know. What do you like doing and is there a demand for that? I hate doing the exact same thing every day and I love reading and talking about what I've read. So English Teacher is a good fit. But I also had a lot of jobs before getting into it.
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    Poll: Magic vs Science: Which One Do You Root For In A Story?

    Science. Every time. Though I particularly enjoy when authors make their magic a science.
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    The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

    Wow. Not only did Bob come back to Yahtzee's Youtube channel (sorry, I mean The Escapist), but this thread is generally free of the morons who led to him (and pretty much everyone else: content makers and consumers) abandoning the place. Did they mature? Do they now only live on...
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    Please help an old and starving gamer

    MMOs? Guild Wars 2 doesn't have a monthly charge and is pretty fun. Huge amounts of it are soloable and the whole mechanics of "anyone who does damage get an individual loot when it's dead" means you can take down the occasional champion by just walking up when others are fighting it and...
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    Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

    Mass Effect Andromeda was a fun game. Spiderman 3 isn't terrible. Military FPSes are the least interesting gaming genre. Disney's corporate overlords make some excellent decisions.
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    Why doesn't the Escapist Review games anymore?

    Yeah. Back in the Extra Credits, Lisa Foiles, etc. days, this was pretty much my one and only gaming site. Gamergate happened, the Escapist got listed on one of GG's "good site" lists, and the forums went to hell, 90% of the content left, and now it's a ghost town. On the bright side, going...