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    Lets talk Dark Souls bosses

    I'd say DS3 is a lot harder if you'd go caster, although casters suck until they get about 40-50 in whatever stat they need they also need to split estus with ash, which is good. I could throw out a lot of dmg to most bosses that didn't have to much fire res(went pyro) and whoever tried to...
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    Your Cardinal Sins of Gaming

    When leveling curve just stops and you have to grind for like 5-10 levels to reach the next part in quest lines (most asian MMOs) does this. And when AIs get cheats at higher difficulties. I would very much like to see a learning AI which can adapt to tactics like the ones used in Tiberian...
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    Why Halo 5 Is the Best and Worst Halo Yet

    I have only watched let's play on Halo 5, and I do like that every weapon has a zoom now but aside from that the campaign didn't really interest me on the same lvl as Halo 1-3, ODST, Reach and 4 had, ODST because you got to play as ODST, Reach because the planet was an icon in the Halo universe...
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    Okay, which of you jackasses changed everybody's avatars?

    Oh god, everyones avatar turned into Justin Bieber's face...c'mon it's just lunch time here, im not ready for this:(
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    Aliens give you a starship...

    I would search for a suitable planet and then take friends and family and other ppl including stuff needed to build a settlement then search for an alien civilization and proceed to fuck with them and then lead them to earth so they can destroy it.
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    Jurassic Island - Would You Go?

    Those Pterodactyls will be a problem for helis tho and I bet that that Geneosarus Rex wouldn't allow a plane to lift off because he doesn't seem to like planes...I mean his cousin in JP3 didn't like planes, atleast his tail didn't anyways.
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    Jurassic Island - Would You Go?

    So what if that water dino gets out? I'd bet not even the boats would be secure, that thing would tear right trough it and I would prob still go to that island
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    So...anybody want to talk about the anime prospects for this season?

    Second Season of Tokyo Ghoul will not follow the manga, I heard somewhere that the author wasn't pleased with the first season and how they fucked it up so Second will be a stand-alone or something.
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    random superpower thread. Well, So i'll just go ahead and re-write all the memory of you guys having any power how'd ya like that? Now you can't have any fun because im the destroyer of fun, so whenever you have any fun i'll be there and re-write your memories of...
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    Near death situations in video games that you got out alive

    Me and a couple of friends played Crusader Kings and I just went full retard and tried to kill one of my friends who happens to own most of Europe while I had Island or something, it didn't end to well but he spared me and threw me into prison and there i was for the reminder of the game until...
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    What's so outrageous about Uplay?

    Yea, for me it was Anno 2070 that kept on crashing and all that. And whenever I buy a game through a platform such as steam then I want it to stay on the steam-client not forcing me to use another client for the game as well as the one I bought it from.
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    Ubisoft vs EA. -Or- The Evil of Two Lessers.

    Yea, I remembered buying Anno 2070 or whatever it was called, a good game but then came Uplay and pretty much made the game unplayable as it kept on crashing and all that. Apparently you need Uplay to get to certain chests or whatnot in AC:U as well, either that or Ubisoft app which is...
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    Naruto is finally over. after all these years...

    Isn't that Karin's child that is named Salad? I mean she has her glasses and all she resembles her more than Sakura...
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    If you could create a Dark Souls boss

    I'd make a boss similar to the one in Demon's Soul's where a random invader get to join in due to the boss summoning one. When entering the boss room you see alot of NPCs fighting it at a distance at this time you can choose to just wait as it would be possible to summon ppl from the signs...
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    Subs over Dubs: Which Anime turned you into a 'Purist'?

    I did watch DBZ and Naruto in English when i was a kid but the first anime to get into the genre was Strawberry something I think, it was about an all girls school and something like that and Im even suprised that I continued watching anime after that since it would most likely turn away any...