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    Poll: How did you find out about the escapist website?

    If I remember correctly, my friend turned me onto ZP...haha, I'll never forget how hard I laughed that day...
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    Why a classical zombie outbreak would be rather underwhelming

    I don't mean to rain on your apocalypse parade, but you COULD just level Los Angeles with a 20 kilo-ton tactical nuclear payload =D Of course, this would require you being in charge of a police state where the cars drive YOU and the TV's watch YOU... (Note, I have nothing against Los Angeles...
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    Because I only need three words

    pungent odor coming
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    Why did I buy this?

    There's all over now... I personally regret buying Harvest Moon: It's a Wonderful Life for the Gamecube...I love the Harvest Moon series, particularly HM64 for the N64, but come on...HM:AWL was just...dumb...How is it physically possible to mash a potato with a cucumber and come up...
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    First COD 5 details announced.

    The Christmas Truce in WWI ^_^ A genuinely good example of human nature at its best. I like believe it went like this: British Soldier 1: Jesus bloody Christ, it's cold out here...why aren't we at home celebrating Christmas with our families? British Soldier 2: You've got me...
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    First COD 5 details announced.

    I like to think so. I've tried very hard to not be like all the other kids in me history class (that was an intentional "me") that are the stereotypical American teenagers, "ie: LAWL KILL TEH ISLAMICS WE ARE GRAET (buggery, etc, etc)." Try as I might to change them, I'm only one high...
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    Because I only need three words

    rather more mushroom-like
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    Escapist Crew Wows Webby Crowd

    Good show to all of you ^_^
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    Do you still play on older consoles?

    HarvestMoon64 and StarFox64. Digital goodness in cartridge form =D
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    Why did I buy this?

    Iggy's Wrecking Balls. Need I say more?
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    Zero Punctuation: Oblivion

    Good show, Yahtzee! A very good review and a very TRUE review. I was waiting for him to do this game =D So many design flaws, so little time...
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    First COD 5 details announced.

    Hello, and pardon me if I'm wrong, but after checking with the link that Scholar Visari so kindly provided. ( Link.), After a bit of digging around, I found out that "contrary to past reports, the title may not return to the World War II...