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    Poll: Firefox vs. Chrome (and why?)

    Chrome. 3 words: Integration, minimalism, speed. All the google stuff works great through chrome, makes admin minimal, I have f*** all to hide XP The clean, minimalistic look and fast, easy to use UI is for me the most stunning thing I have ever seen in an application. Finally it is just...
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    Blizzcon - World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor

    Meh, I am only interested in Blizzcon for the OMGWTFBBQ epic starcraft that is going down. The Heroes of the Storm also doesn't seem so bad from all accounts... but the starcraft has been good!
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    Poll: Who are the most important members of society?

    2, 3, 8 and the people in day to day administration and maintenance (the majority of jobs). So long as very few of them have criminal intent the whole rest of that list is pretty much unnecessary for a functioning society. Once that society is established then I'd say humanitarians and artists...
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    Poll: Would You Push The Button? (Moral Dilemma)

    I may just be tempted to burn the tent and destroy the button... As much as my family and I don't get along that great I would certainly not push that for any amount of money.
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    Poll: For four grand, would you flash a non-sexy body part?

    ... I'd do that for 10 rand XP Of course I'd try get more money out of it, but really? A picture of my feet? Pay me anything and I'm game. Pay me 4K and I will create a foot calender for you and sign it with my toe prints if that is what you want.
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    Why do we assume that aliens would be far more advanced than us?

    Everything can be weaponised in a heart-beat and every technological and scientific advancement has implications for parallel branches of technology. Even if they CAME with no weapons, they'd likely still be able to rip us apart with an "unintended" weapon if they wanted to. Hell flying fast...
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    Trolls, griefers and players who need to leave the game

    I have played many a game of StarCraft 2 where players were bad mannered an this doesn't affect how I enjoy the game, but when someone on your team actively attempts to lose and attack all your stuff it destroys the entire purpose of a competitive game. In your friend's Survival Minecraft...
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    Things you regret saying on forums

    I learnt from all that I typed, especially the "regrettable" posts. I also managed to avoid warnings... so nothing I regret long after the fact.
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    Poll: Do you ever pick the 'silly' poll options?

    Zoidberg leading the polls at 64.7%... Do you have any regrets in how you designed this poll? If I am not attached to the topic or it is stupid anyway, then silly option.
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    Poll: Which is worse - Hot weather or cold weather?

    Hot weather that we have right now... It makes me murderous. I walk home. I fucking sweat a river from my school to my house in Summer. Also we had 100 Fahrenheit 4 days ago (37-38 Celsius, Metric is good). Some people in our school assembly had to be carried off. Fuck hot weather. I love me...
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    The moral issues of killing

    I base my value of life first on how close they are to me: A friend/acquaintance of any age to me is more valuable than a stranger. Then second on their "life status": A person with dreams, hopes, knowledge, worries to me is more valuable than someone who is in some way impaired in these...
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    Poll: Your favorite open world/sandbox game of this gen ?

    Yes, but the games the OP chose are A: Not all very definitive sandbox games (Assassin's creed and AA are much more like "large linear" games than sandbox games) B: Not all likely to get any love (sleeping dogs at 1.4%) So the poll becomes useless, it does not demonstrate which are the most...
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    Poll: Your favorite open world/sandbox game of this gen ?

    Apart from JC2 and Saint's Row the OP seems to have a really badly designed poll. Fallout, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls do not get in... but Asylum and Assassin's creed do for truly open world games? Not to mention Far Cry 2 and 3 are also far more open than Batty's Asylum... The other option is...
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    what is maturity to you?

    Your reaction to maturity threads is... >.> Seriously, I have seen mod action in every other thread thus far about maturity :P It normally starts with: "I checked your profile you are X years old therefore LIES and GTFO dis thread.". Quite telling really. OT: + Is really all...
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    Do you believe in fate/kismet?

    Uhm... hey there... I am just gonna take this, put it up as my own post, maybe give you some compensation (like a compliment: well-written post that describes my view on this exactly)... I will be going now... smooth... very smooth I am not superstitious to any degree, and when people say...