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    Have you ever bought a game on PC and not been able to play it?

    Absolutely. Sometimes because of a shitty port, sometimes stability issues and sometimes because my ailing mchine can't handle it. To this day Just Cause 2 Crashes after a few minutes of play. I couldn't find a fix despite it being extremely old by now. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was...
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    Jimquisition: Super Ethical Vlogging Climax

    Just out of interest, what game in the video had the guy in the rucksack on the quad bike? it looks awful.
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    BioShock Infinite Fan Video Falls From Columbia

    Well, there's always Dredd 3D.
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    The Wishlist: Zombie Tarot Deck

    All I want right now is Ashley's T-Shirt
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    Top 5 Friday: Top 5 First Person Shooters

    Um... Where is Lisa Foyles?
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    Jimquisition: Breaking the Bones of Business

    Wait... where do I send my money?
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    Jimquisition: Accepting the Isms

    Thought I might chime in on this giant thread. Well said Jimothy. Your videos are getting better and better.
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    Unskippable: Dishonored

    I know it's not relevant to the video but bloody hell it looks ugly on whatever they are playing it on.
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    Black Mesa Overview

    Someone's been lulled into a false sense of security by battling the combine for too long. The soldiers in Black Mesa source were as tough(and as awesome) as they were in the original.
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    List your Top 5 Most Disturbing Movies

    Wolf Creek- I could never handle violence against women Irreversible- Just about the entire thing. District 9- The weapon experiments made me sick to my stomach. Johnny Got His Gun- Just watch it. it's as awesome as it is disturbing. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest- The idea of being...
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    Escape to the Movies: Battleship

    I love Bob's reviews. Even when he's tearing apart what is clearly a forgettable cash-in piece of crap he leaves you with something to mull over.
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    The Big Picture: Last Starr

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane MovieBob!
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    Prototype 2 Review

    Someone should really pay attention to the resolution of this video. Of course the videos aren't great resolution on this site but this was almost impossible to follow in places.
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    Feed Dump: Death Coaster

    Feed dump is getting funnier and funnier! Fantastic job guys.
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    I Choose to Blow Dudes

    Just a couple of thoughts (cutting down to the relevant quotes to save space: I happen to think of homosexual behaviour as aberrant behaviour (please don't confuse this with abhorrent or an abomination), it's not "normal" and who gives a fuck? To think that what most people do is the more...