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    Anyone know some good Urban Fantasy games?

    Some of you don't seem to fully understand what urban fantasy is. In essence, it is a narrative sub-genre of contemporary fantasy (meaning it's just a fantasy story set in a modern or near-modern world) that takes place primarily in or around an urban environment (i.e. it's in a city)...
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    Ratchet and Clank... Are getting a movie?

    I'm really really excited for this, and it's mostly because the people at rainmaker entertainment (recent staight-to-dvd barbie films aside) are the people that brought us this []
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    Can't play the Halo 4 Campaign. Help!

    I bought Halo 4 brand new on launch day, got home, and booted up the campaign. I didn't have too much time, so I shut it off mid-mission during "Requiem." When I went back to play today - my first opportunity to do so - there was no "continue campaign" option on the main menu as I had...
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    Escapist Community User Review Index {Video Games}

    Dishonored [] - candle - Candle Reviews - October 16, 2012 The Unfinished Swan [] - candle - Candle Reviews - October 22, 2012
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    Candle Reviews: The Unfinished Swan

    The Unfinished Swan Every once in a while, a game comes along that just completely blows away your expectations. When I sat down to play The Unfinished Swan, a PlayStation-exclusive downloadable title, all I knew was that it would be primarily in black and white. Having seen this...
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    Candle Reviews: Dishonored

    While that information may not be in the video itself, it is in the description below the video on the youtube page. As for whether or not long load times is minor or inconsequential, when you are playing a game that you enjoy a lot, those long load times don't really matter since you know...
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    Candle Reviews: Dishonored

    It's specified at the bottom of the intial post as well as in the description of the video on the YouTube page that the copy that was reviewed was on the PS3. As for Mark of the Ninja, it's kinda been completely off my radar, so I may eventualy do it in the future, but that is unlikely.
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    Candle Reviews: Dishonored

    My one problem with Dishonored is that there simply isn't enough of it. Is it as fun as luring them into a nest of River Krusts?
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    Candle Reviews: Dishonored

    I'd say if you're unsure, either rent it first or borrow it from a friend. And this is just one more example of being able to play the game however you want. Suffice it to say though, that if you go in for the fight all the time, those fights will get harder as you progress through the game...
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    Candle Reviews: Dishonored

    Dishonored What do you get when you take the open level design of Bioshock, add in the stealth-based gameplay of Deus Ex, and center it all around a story filled with revenge? You get Dishonored, a first person action game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks...
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    Candle Reviews: Anna

    Anna The best thing that can be said about Anna, a first person, horror adventure game recently released to PCs via Steam, is that it isn?t terrible. Sadly, though, neither is it good in any sense of the word. In fact, Anna is just one of those games that seems to be mediocre in...