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    Jimquisition: Batman Is Everything Wrong With Square Enix

    As much as I used to like Squeenix's over the top designs, I agree that they've been way out of control recently. I can hardly keep up with all the new character designs they churn up, nothing sticks. They've also been whoring up the iOS market, disappointing fans again and again (dat TWEWY...
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    A Fantasy Shatterred- My Experince with the Final Fantasy Series

    A lot of people here seem to be responding to the gameplay, but you seem more concerned with the story. It sounds like you started playing the games with very high expectations. Personally I can relate to this because my friends lured me in to FF with promises of amazing stores, but I've never...
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    About 25% of Americans Don't Know the Earth Revolves Around the Sun

    25% of Americans are sarcastic.
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    Is Street Fighter Sexist/Racist?

    Do people really think that the Japanese are incapable of being racist? Honestly I would say that they are ignorant of other cultures, so when they do end up making characters of other nationalities they pick out stereotypes, sometimes offensive, partially because they don't have a history of...
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    The Indies Will Ruin Everything!

    "I'm not saying indies are destroying AAA games." Read more at Yeah but then why the title... I'll admit it, it made me read the article, but that doesn't mean...
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    Why is the Citizens of Earth Kickstarter failing?

    Based off all the comments, I would say that you guys really need someone to promote your game! There are a lot of games out there that I wouldn't play based on their art style, but once you see how much fun it is or how it works with the narrative it catches on you. I was even a little put off...
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    Is Nintendo becoming irrelevant?

    I think it's hard to understand the attraction of a system if you don't own one. I like my Wii, partly because I'm able to find games for it that I enjoy and wouldn't be able to get otherwise. Yes, the WiiU isn't doing well right now, but that doesn't mean it's dead, systems don't die like...
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    A question for the female escapists....

    I'm not too interested in FPS games, and most of the women gamers I know aren't either. For the ones that don't like the genre, it's more of the culture associated with it than anything else. If I had an xbox 360 I would try out an fps or two, but as it stands that is not a reality.
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    So, did anyone find the Dragon's Crown review by polygon actually useful?

    You didn't read the review. While her views on the art style were included, it literally took up 1/6th of the review. Most of it was about the game itself. Personally I thought the most offensive part of the review was it's layout. I could barely stand to read it, and even the video review's...
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    Random BS people say that you get fed up with.

    When people try to explain that cats with no fur are ugly. Excuse you, they are gorgeous demigods that have decided to take form on earth in order to grace its people with happiness and affection that they would otherwise be unable to experience. I hate it when people take their ill informed...
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    Killing is Too Easy

    I feel like recently a lot of triple A games have been going with the whole "your character is an unsympathetically killer" thing. Bonus points if they do it partially to survive. I know that it's a more convenient and easy personality to write because violence and video games go together like...
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    Poll: Do you support evolution?

    Of course, how would I get an espeon without it?
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    The power is out...

    You must be from the Twin Cities. I always keep my laptop, phone, and 3DS charged, so there's always gaming to be done. If those fail me, I still have flashlights and books.
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    "We suck at telling the story" Microsoft engineer telling us how it really is

    He kinda sounds like a con artist: like he has this radical vision of how everything could be different, but the guys we thought were the good guys are actually the bad guys or stupid. For me Steam=indie and Console=larger games (or indie). If I buy a game that takes a large time investment and...
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    ESA Study Finds Women Make Up Nearly Half of Gamer Population

    Hmmm, maybe more of these women would be interested in playing more hardcore games if the community didn't seem so hostile against their presence in gaming... Honestly, I have female friends who I've been able to get into more hardcore gaming from casual gaming. You just have to show how it...