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    Watch Star Wars Episode VII's First Official Trailer Right Here

    Except you can actually touch a real crossguard without cutting off parts of your body. That's what everyone's gripe is with the design: Angle your wrist slightly wrong, and you're missing an arm.
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    L.A. Residents Call 911 Due to Facebook Outage

    With the kind of money they'd make from that, they could afford to have ED-209 patrolling the streets.
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    Release Date for The Wolf Among Us Season Finale Revealed

    Do so. I picked it up on the last day of the Steam Sale at the urging of a friend, and I've barely been able to put it down.
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    Warcraft Movie "Officially" Finished Filming

    If you're interested, check out Jones' first film, Moon, starring the eternally underrated Sam Rockwell (and ONLY Rockwell). Fantastic movie, and the quality of it should give you some peace of mind concerning the Warcraft movie.
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    Warcraft Movie "Officially" Finished Filming

    I'm cautiously optimistic because Duncan Jones is really, really good. Ever watch the movie Moon? Utterly brilliant, and written and directed by Jones. Source Code wasn't quite as good, but still creative and well made. Plus, he's David Bowie's son. That has to count for something, right?
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    KOTOR Remake Sounds Good to Xbox Boss

    I'd rather have a KOTOR 3 handled by the original team and not rushed out the door. I started replaying KOTOR last week and it still completely holds up.
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    The Fantastic Four Movie Reboot Unveils Its Cast

    In situations like this, I don't think the race issue is so much a "This actor sucks!" kind of thing, but more along the lines of "We have 50 years of stories showing this character a specific way, why are you changing it?!". Nobody (that I was aware of at least) was complaining about Idris...
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    Guise of the Wolf Dev Takes Down Negative YouTube Review - Update 2

    Stuff like this is why I like the idea of the Steam Tags. GotW is tagged with everything from "Don't Buy", "Shovelware", and "Buggy" to "False Advertising", "Scam" and "dishonest developer". Of course, one of the tags is "A better love story than twilight", so I suppose the system ain't...
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    Electronic Arts and Steam Servers Suffer DDoS Attacks

    I never really got the point of getting on a public forum like Twitter afterwards and publicly bragging about committing crimes. Really, bragging to your friends in middle school about how you swiped a candy bar might buy you some playground cred, but doesn't the government consider stuff...
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    EA Exec: Shigeru Miyamoto "Falling Down on the Job"

    This guy is making what I consider the absolute biggest mistake that major corporations make all the damn time. Don't TELL your customers what they want, LISTEN to what they want and then deliver.
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    GTA Baton Rouge: Man Claims Game Inspired His Crime Spree

    Louisiana State had just handed his team their first loss of the season. I'm betting he was drinking away his sorrows, leading to one of the stupidest goddamn things any of us will see this year.
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    FIFA 14 For 3DS Is Literally Just FIFA 13 With Roster Updates

    I think you misread something there friend. It's the same game with no updates, save for rosters and kits. While it's technically DLC, it's still being sold for full retail price. I think. I don't have a 3DS, so I don't know what the games cost, but this is $39.99. If that's not full...
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    Game of Thrones Characters Re-imagined in The 90s

    Theon is giving off a bit of a pedo-vibe here. . .
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    NCAA/EA Split Not Enough for "Exploited" Students

    But when I was playing as Jordan Jefferson (LSU alum here) I was capable of throwing the ball to someone other than the first read and not tucking and running. Those skills are entirely fictional!
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    NCAA/EA Split Not Enough for "Exploited" Students

    I'm not really sure how much of a proverbial leg to stand on the players have here, if they're suing for having their likeness' used. Last NCAA football game I played (and, granted, it's been a good 4 years) had about 6 different player models, and they didn't look like any player I'd ever...