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    Kylo Ren was the highlight of TFA SPOILERS

    Yep that's the real issue here, I don't why people are hung up on the lightsaber fight in particular. She didn't turn on the god mode at the end. She was in god mode the entire movie. I get that it's cool to have a female character that can save herself. I was thrilled by how they kind of...
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    6 Wondrous Technologies We Take for Granted (and Complain about)

    I like the idea of this piece CJ, keep it up.
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    Poll: Do retailers dictate digital prices?

    Do you have anything that could help me find those articles and interviews?
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    Poll: Do retailers dictate digital prices?

    Hi guys, I recently read that retailers were putting pressure on digital markets to keep the price matched with the physical copies they sell, Threatening to stop shelving from publishers that don't comply. I'm not sure if I can trust my source. I think it could be true, it makes sense market...