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    Battlefield 3 Will Require Origin

    Oh well, not playing BF3 anymore.
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    EA Gets Ready to Throw Down With Steam - UPDATED

    My moneys on steam.
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    Diablo III Beta Rises from Hell This Summer

    I approve of this message.
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    303: How Games Get Zombies Wrong

    THANK GOD someone wrote this. While shooting zombies with guns is fun - why else do we do it, I can't wait for the game that is based on surviving and staying away from the zombies and most importantly - other humans.
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    GLaDOS Origin Story Told in Full Portal 2 Comic

    So incredibly awesome. The Glados lines were gold as always, Liked the Schrodinger metaphor when she got put to sleep, 'both alive and dead until someone opens the box' -ie Portal 2 times!
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    Go Under the Hood of Unreal Engine 3 in a Jaw-Dropping Trailer

    Sooo purrttttyyyyy..... O_O
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    Trailers: Guild Wars 2 Commando Skills

    That's a BIIIGG Chicken. hahaha
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    LotRO Dev Admits "We Were Wrong" About Radiance

    It was a cheap way of breaking apart and gating raids. So before you could raid you had to complete 6 different instances and then fight with 5 other people over the radiance coin. So basically it was an endless grind of the same instances waiting for a lucky roll of the dice. Then to make...
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    Joss Whedon Responds to Buffy Reboot News

    Or at least Serenity 2.
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    Rush Limbaugh Sticks Up for Video Games

    This is a Bazinga right? Agreeing with Rush Limbaugh on a reasonable and thought out argument......didn't think it could happen.
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    Escape to the Movies: The A-Team

    Saw A-Team yesterday, it was awesome. Just lots of crazy stunts, things blowing up and great one liners, it'll be one of the incredibly few movies I go to see twice at the cinema. PS Cats rule.
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    No APB For Australia

    F*** this, I'm moving to California.