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    Escapist Under New Management (Again)

    I hope this means a revival for the site. Also, has anyone else had their profile avatar and just profile stuff just gone? Mine won't let me add an avatar back to my profile and all the stuff I had on my page is gone :( EDIT: Okay, so it shows my avatar on the forums at least.
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    A Possible Measure for the WW

    Me too, just kind of curious about it. Can't promise I'd be super active if I joined, used to be reasonably active here until things started to die off. Only come here now and then out of habit, that and the escapist is still one of my home pages. Part of me doesn't want to remove it. It'd...
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    What Spiderman/Batman villian do you think can carry a film

    Ras Al Gul would be a cool one, see how he came to power. From his earliest days etc, we'd see how his organization grew under him and what they did before Batman in great detail. As for the Spider-Man villains? Maybe the Kingpin for similar reasons as my Ras one, but we've kinda got a bit of...
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    First to play/first to buy in 2018?

    Just about to buy some stuff on the Steam sale, Hollow Knight and Pyre being the ones I'll be playing right away :D
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    I just want to say thanks :)

    Yeah, that's why more then likely it's going to disappear at some point, which is a shame.
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    I just want to say thanks :)

    Can't say I know either, but I have a feeling I'll prob pop in weekly at the least until whenever this place ends. If it doesn't somehow pick up and improve that is.
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    Has anyone tried to buy a new graphics card lately?

    Still using my GTX 960, still seems to run the current games okay, latest thing I had played in terms of releases was the newest Tomb Raider. So I think it's got some life left in it.
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    I just want to say thanks :)

    Glad to hear I was noticed lol, there are people with tens of thousands of posts and you wonder if people notice ya some times :) No problem, better to focus on what's good in ones life sometimes! You're a mystical 2008er, I thought they were only legend! Now that's a username I...
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    I just want to say thanks :)

    This community has been a place I have been a part of for a long time, while not always the most active/well known poster, I did read a lot people posted here and tried to always add to a discussion when I felt I had something worth while to say. I felt like I was a part of something in the...
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    Fantasy Flight Games is Making an Official Fallout Board Game

    They may delve in to those with expansions, but I don't ind the setting. Was probably part of the deal with getting the license, they had to include Bethesda's last two games.
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    Gearbox Reveals "Top-Secret" Title Codenamed Project 1v1

    It's the shady shit that went on around the A:CM that sticks in my mind, outright fabrications and false footage at the worst I can recall ever seeing for a game. Just to name a couple things.
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    Sony Announces Free PlayStation Plus Games for July

    Aw. I already have those PS4 games :( But still, they are good ones, especially Until Dawn! I really enjoyed that one.
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    Which fictional character would you like to meet the most?

    Krillin from Dragonball Z, would be cool to hear his perspective on things and he seems like such a cool dude.
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    Metroid Prime 4 Announced for Nintendo Switch

    It's only been 10 years since the last one, better make it great Nintendo! I will be watching this one closely.
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    Why no Third person game today ever come close to Max Payne 1 and Mafia 1?

    You ever play the Transformers Cybertron games? They didn't rely on sticking to cover, characters had cool abilities and they came after Gears of War. If you look for cover based ones, you will find them. The opposite is true too.