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    Uncivil War: Sonic the Hedgehog - Who Can Kill Less Robots?

    No, no, please, be that guy. I will be that guy too. We should start a 'that guy' club! OT: Now there has to be a quasi-pacifist speed run!
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    Marter to the Movies: The Book Thief

    I've worked sat beside the editor of The Book Thief, John Wilson A.C.E., and I may or may not have had a quick look at the script. It may or many not have been just to see what a real screenplay looked like. Anyway, OT: I'm glad it turned out so well because it could have gone into that...
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    $2.50 Reviews: Turnout (2011)

    You yourself described it as a 'hipster movie'. So, no, I'd never heard of it before your (awesome) review.
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    $2.50 Reviews: Turnout (2011)

    Your hope is in vein. Citation: I live here. Here being London.
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    I Wrote That Crap (For America!)

    I can see this on a business card: Bob 'MovieBob' Chipman something is profoundly wrong with me 555-1234 Back on topic; are these screenplays fully fledged scripts or just treatments/pitches?
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    Voyager 1 Enters Interstellar Space

    I formally propose a change to the title of this article to "Voyager 1 Enters Interstellar Space (Again)" as a lot of you also seem to be thinking the same thing. Anyway, here's an XKCD for you:
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    You May Recognize The Escapist's New Editor-In-Chief

    Congratulations Mr. Tito! My the tradition of euphemistic Editors-in-Chief name's continue! But in all seriousness, there isn't anyone better suited to keeping the Escapist as awesome as it is.
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    BioShock DLC Puts You In Elizabeth's Shoes

    That'll be two years after the original (but missed) release date of BioShock Infinite. Grr, I know you can't rush art but I'm still craving any kind of BioShock, Infinite or otherwise!
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    European PS4 Pre-Orders Not Guaranteed At Launch

    This is a new product launch where bugs and hitches are to be expected. Clearly there was an underestimation on the numbers of early adopters eager to get the PS4 and, as other comments have mentioned, a shortage at launch might back-fire and waste the good will they've gained by not being...
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    Marter to the Movies: Pacific Rim

    What about GLaDOS?! OT: I was lucky enough to get my act together and see it in the cinema and it really does need to be seen on a big screen.
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    Removing One's Rocks

    Is the comic implying that Erin doesn't already run a ninja clan/pop band? For shame.
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    Help Edward Snowden Escape The NSA in Snowden Run 3D

    I doubt Mr. Snowden would ever have considered himself a likely candidate to star in a video game, let alone one centring around him. Hopefully the Wifi at the Moscow airport doesn't have an upper data limit to downloads.
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    $2.50 Reviews: Wreck-It Ralph (2012) + Marter's 1,000th Review

    It's (almost) over 1000! One major caveat I have to add is that when watching Wreck-it-Ralph one must have some form of sweets, chocolate, candy etc to hand otherwise you will go insane. 100% totes legit confirmed.
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    Poll: Donating blood

    RH O Pos Common. Universal. Regular. And I bothered to get an organ donor card. Coz you don't need them if you're dead.
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    $2.50 Reviews: Fever Pitch (2005)

    Question: what if one had no understanding of baseball? Would a lot of the humour be lost or is it just incidental? Like it doesn't matter what job the character is overworked by, it's just the fact they're overworked.