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    The Prequels don't Deserve to be Flogged Anymore

    Doesn't matter what a few vocal star wars purists think. The mass market enjoyed the prequels, and the mass market will enjoy the new movies, no matter how bad they are in the fanboys' minds. It may be sad, but it is true.
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    Assassin's Creed: Unity's Season Pass Has Been Cancelled

    I like how they make it seem like they had no idea it was going to be a bad launch. 'Unfortunately this happened?' Well you guys made the god damn game and clearly you would know this is what would happen with the poor job you guys did!?
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    Your wallet is not prepared! Steam Autumn Sale 2014 is IMMINENT!

    Oh I had no idea. I literally don't know anything about that game; didn't expect their to be any dubious origins surrounding it. Well that is a bit disappointing really. Still some pretty great sales with less controversy, but that kinda shattered my perception of the sale a little.
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    Your wallet is not prepared! Steam Autumn Sale 2014 is IMMINENT!

    Wow, Lords of the Fallen is 40% off? Didn't that game come out only a couple of weeks ago? Just goes to show you that Steam doesn't get beat when it comes to prices on their sales.
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    Poll: Obscene usernames

    Boo fucking hoo. Most people play games so they don't have to act seriously. What surprise is it that people don't neccesarily take their username seriously then? As long as they aren't named after hate speech, I couldn't care less. (And even then, I'd just find it tasteless, I wouldn't have...
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    PC Gaming: Could The Industry Survive Without DRM?

    I don't hate it per-say. DRM-wise it is basically the same concept. But my issues with Origin are that it has no where near the amount of features that Steam has nor does it have massive discounts like Steam does. Origin's Christmas sale would mark things off for like 20%, wow, thanks EA...
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    Poll: Your presence on the Escapist.

    Been here a while but don't post all that often. Would assume that only a few people probably recognize me as 'that one PC elitist.' I made some noteworthy threads on topics inside gaming (mechanics and gameplay) but don't enter the social issues in gaming threads much, so I'm not that big.
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    Why try hard is an insult

    Hate the term myself. Not everyone is good enough to play a game professionally, but does that mean you aren't allowed to try to play the game to win? I always am competitive when I play games, but I am nowhere good enough to play in any sort of team, clan, etc, for any game. So, no, I can't...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition Banned in India due to Portrayal of Homosexuality

    Yes, clearly it was the evil British that caused all of the problems. It's not like they were ruled by Muslims before the British came that are know for their 'tolerance' of homosexuality.
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    Six-Year-Old JRPG Beats Assassin's Creed Unity in Steam Charts

    I mean I don't play JRPGS very often; it's my least favorite genre of games. (Although I did play VC) but I do know that many people are turned off of PC because there aren't many JRPGS ported to the platform. Maybe this will show the big name publishers that PC gamers do want these games and...
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    Problems you've noticed the other gender has had to deal with

    Oh shit; you've made a grave mistake. INB4 some people come in here and criticise you for saying 'the OTHER gender,' implying that there's only two. The strawberrykins and petalkins are going to be mighty angry at you.
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    Poll: Do you agree with the criminalisation of drug use?

    Ehh, my feelings on it are weird. I am personally vehemently against drug use and will always be uneasy around people who use even just marijuana. That said, I don't believe in criminalising all but the hardest of drugs. Why? Because it doesn't stop people from doing them. People want to...
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    Blizzard Unveils Completely New Overwatch IP - Update

    I mean it looks really well polished and impressive, but I'm not sure I like the MOBA/Shooter hybrid all that much.
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    Poll: What browser do you use?

    Chrome. It's convenient to be able to have everything together in one unified platform. (Email, Drive, Youtube) I also like the UI. And the fact that my bookmarks are shared from PC to mobile as well as history, settings, etc, etc.
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    What the Duck, Bohemia?

    In quotes 'REAL WURLD MIL'TARY SILUMASHUN'. And there is literally no other way that you can spin that; its clear that you were mocking combat simulator games. I bet you're one of those people that say that if people are so interested in simulation, they should go join the army. Just...