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    The Punisher Cast For Daredevil Season 2

    This is perfect. I love the relationship between Daredevil and the Punisher, and it's perfect for the tone of the show. How I see it going down is sometime early in the season, Daredevil arrives to exact some blind justice on some criminals only to find them all brutally slaughtered. He finds...
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    Get Your First Look at Supergirl With This 6-Minute Teaser

    It's really tough to get a read on this. A lot of hit, a lot of miss. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Unites The Bat's Rogues Gallery

    Final instalment of the Arkham trilogy? Arkham Asylum Arkam City Arham Origins.... Am I missing something? Haven't there already been three?
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    The Plight of the Masters

    Maybe I'm an unusual member of the PC Gaming Master Race but I could really care less about framerate. As long as it's running reasonably smooth I much prefer to run at high resolution than 60fps. It's all about graphics quality for me... now excuse me while I go boot up Final Fantasy II on my...
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    Dawn of Justice's Aquaman Revealed

    What Marvel movies have you been watching? Sure Winter Soldier was pretty serious but look at Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Those movies had just as much comedy and fun as they did awesome action scenes. DC is trying to replicate the success of the Dark Knight trilogy by making all of...
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    A Review Scoring System That Would Work

    This is why I like your video reviews, Yahtzee. I don't have to read anything and you pick everything apart quite neatly ( and harshly).
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    Interesting Game Concepts That Amazingly Haven't Been Copied Yet

    I've never played natural selection but it sounds exactly like Warfare mode in ArmA, not sure which came first but the game mechanic has definitely been used in more than one game.
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    The Big Picture: Legend of Many

    Zelda definitely seems like the best series to make into well.... a series. Like MovieBob said, since the universe of Zelda is so diverse and maleable it'll be less about trying to recreate scenes from a particular game and more about creating a good story.
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    Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Update

    I hope the "Sony will retain final creative control" clause is mainly there for insurance to Sony that Marvel won't kill him off or otherwise make him unusable at any point and that they basically just listen to Kevin Feige, because that's worked out pretty well for everyone so far.
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    No Right Answer: New IP vs Sequel

    In the past, I think videogame sequels are better, as technology advances it alows more freedom to the creative team to fully realize their vision. Look at the first couple of Zelda games and compare that to something like ocarina of time. Or Half-Life 1 (a fantastic game and maybe even my...
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    Damn you beat me to it. :-P He's the 7th smartest person in the world ( or 8th depending who you ask). He can basically... see math.
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    I'll just leave these here... (that one they did for me) I'll give you Hawkeye, I think MovieBob himself put it best by saying "he looks oddly underdressed compared to everyone else." Adi Granov is the artist that does the concepts for a lot of the movie costumes, and...
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    Fantastic Four Trailer Reveals Radical Re-Imagining

    This site is fantastic (no pun intended) for people trying to get into Marvel comics: If you're looking to start at the beginning of it all with Fantastic Four #1, nothing beats this site...