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    None-Wild West Waifu War

    Wait, isn't that... Isn't that Godzilla the series?
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    So Monster Hunter World

    Love it, but it desperately needs raid style monsters like Dalamandur or Gogmazios to make the community come together in a meaningful way.
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    What Monsters Do You Want To See In Future Updates? (Monster Hunter World)

    I want Fatalis (all three) because I played the first game on the PS2 and never got the chance to fight it.
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    Zero Punctuation: Okami HD

    I had the same thing happen, just play with the volume on the player. That fixed it for me.
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    Games That You're Leery About Replaying

    Any open world game by default. As great as it was, it will be difficult to play through even Horizon: Zero Dawn again. So much talking and whatnot; even though the story was interesting it gets to be a slog with so many mandatory conversations and data dumps. I just want to hunt the machines...
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    Games That You're Leery About Replaying

    Wolfenstein 2 easily for me. Wolfenstein 2 suffers from "shut the fuck up" syndrome, where there are way too many unskippable cutscenes that take way too long and leave you saying "shut the fuck up." Any consideration I've put towards replaying the game have been stonewalled by the knowledge...
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    Call of Duty WW2 Won't Install on Xbox OneS. Anyone Else Having This Issue?

    Don't worry, it's a rental, I wouldn't pay for this without trying it first. But I can't do that because it won't install so I can play it. Here's what the screen looks like: Anyone have a solution?
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    Prepare For the Uprising

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    I Have A Burning Question In Need of Answering

    You know how some questions sneak up on you and then never leave you alone? Yeah, I have one. Name me an English speaking rock group, with a non-white lead.
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    Your Favorite Episode of A Series

    Mine comes from Ultraman Max. What about you guys?
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    The Villain Wins?

    This isn't about stories where the bad guy just wins, this is about the bad guy winning but regretting the victory. Case in point, Shaolin: What fiction can you name where the villain wins yet doesn't.
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    Prey 2017 Where Is the Psychoactive Particle Injector?

    I'm trying to find the above item for the Psychic Water quest but have no clue where to look for it and there are no guides. Could you guys help, please?
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    Urobuchi Godzilla Film info

    Um, Gamera isn't Toho, it's Daiei, they don't have that license.
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    Zero Punctuation: For Honor

    Happy to see he shares my hatred of Nobushi players.
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    Best Fight Scene Move?

    Given who I am, I would be remiss to not mention Godzilla 2014: However my actual pick goes to Hardcore Henry: decapitation with eye stalk. I'll let that image stew in your head. What is your favorite fight scene move?