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    Is the Switch another Wii U?

    You people... you people... The Switch gets two games in one year that are so good they actually fight each other for GOTY. After a few months the Switch doesn't have 85 more GOTYs and people are already screaming "THE SWITCHIS DED!!!! DED!!!" Like, wow, what do you want?
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    Is Ellie being gay going to factor into the plot of The Last of Us 2?

    you can assume it will be front and center for 95% of the game.
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    Bad parts in great games.

    Been said a billion times, but the opening planet in KOTOR II, soooooooooo boring.
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    Why is incest such a popular theme in Anime and Manga?

    Its not; Its called the Filing Cabinet Problem, you're noticing all the anime that contain it, which makes it look like there are a ton of them. In reality, very few anime contain incest as a theme or plot point. YOU WATCHIN' THE WRONG ANIME, BOI!!!!!!
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    Ultimate console face off

    Nintendo 64 Master race. That's mostly my childhood talking, it has all of my favorite games from being a kid. While there may be better consoles, my personal connection to the 64 is just too strong.
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    So the recent controversy about Channel Awesome mismanagement

    People were treated as employees and had to follow the rules like employees, but weren't paid like employees. The company benefited from them for free. There is nothing there about ego.
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    So the recent controversy about Channel Awesome mismanagement

    I read the whole document, I don't see any of the normal signs of any of this being made up. Channel Awesome appears to have hid its bad side for a long time. I was a huge CA fan back in the day, and I still watch NC videos when he releases them. But after all of this, I'm not sure its...
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    Poll: Would you rather be lucky or smart?

    Wow its almost exactly 50-50, interesting.
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    How and why are rogue-likes so popular?

    Its because they are different every time. Its the same addictive principal as gambling, except in rogue likes you are taught to do the best with what you are given, which is way healthier than a gambling addiction. People love getting something random and making the most of it. That's why I...
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    Horizon: Zero Dawn - Open World 'Design by Subtraction'

    H:ZD design is genius. My favorite recent open world games are this and Nier: Automata. Both games understand that less is more, and their worlds are much smaller and more intimate than their competition. Smaller world means more detail, more emphasis on worldbuilding, and mechanically...
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    Zero Punctuation: Hunt Down the Freeman

    I just hate Valve as a company so much. They just... do... nothing... Like, they do nothing.They don't try to improve or advance or create or ANYTHING. They just sit on top of their platform monopoly as the situation gets worse and worse. And where does all our complaining get us...
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    I have insomnia. Does anyone have any tips on how to get to sleep faster?

    If you truly have insomnia, you need to go see your doctor.
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    Toys R Us is now closing all buisness.

    *smokes pipe* See, what we have here is a failure to shift one's paradigm to align with modern industry trends.
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    So... "A Wrinkle in Time"...

    Ah liberal Hollywood, please never change.