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    Experienced Points: Quality Still Matters

    I would love to make a video game that is balanced properly for no microtransactions, and then add a single "pay to lose" transaction that adds a new "minimum level" setting which, when enabled, turns the game into a tedious and difficult grind. P.S. Thanks
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    Zero Punctuation: Shenmue

    I would imagine that the people holding out for a third game are largely people who played the second, and remember all the quality of life improvements such as the ability to skip forward in time, more actual stuff to do, and a faster-paced story. P.S. Thanks
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    Experienced Points: Microsoft's Chance in Japan

    I hate to be pedanticNo I don't. I love it., but Cities: Skylines literally wouldn't even exist if EA hadn't screwed up SimCity so badly. The guys at Colossal Order had wanted to make a city-building game for some time, but they couldn't get funding for a game in a market that was dominated by...
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    Zero Punctuation: Hob and Hat in Time

    A Hat in Time is one of those games that I started playing, thinking it might be a fun way to blow an hour. Then, six hours later, I realize I'd accomplished nothing real that day because the game was so engaging. P.S. Thanks
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    Zero Punctuation: The End is Nigh, and Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

    Yonder seems like the kind of game I might get if I was too lazy to install Minecraft mods. Like a less good Sky Factory. P.S. Thanks
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    8 Franchises Nintendo Needs to Bring to the Switch

    Chances of Battletoads or Conker coming to Switch: Approximately zero. The only franchise Microsoft is interested in bringing to a competing platform right now is Minecraft, and it doesn't look like that's going to change any time in the next few years. P.S. Thanks
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    Nintendo Apologizes for Shortages of Switch Hardware

    Wrong. [] P.S. Thanks
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    Rockstar Speaks Out On OpenIV Shutdown

    I get the impression that Rockstar isn't any happier about this than us, and that they would've worded that a lot less gracefully toward T2 if it wouldn't have gotten them in trouble. P.S. Thanks
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    Nintendo is Scaling Up Switch Production to Meet Demand

    Despite clear, verifiable evidence that Nintendo is trying to make more Switches and that part supply is a major hurdle, I'm sure there will still be plenty of people saying they're keeping it scare on purpose as some sort of ploy to make less money on fewer sales or something. P.S. Thanks...
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    Valve Sets Steam Direct Publishing Fee at $100

    Let's hope this is enough to make a significant difference. $100 per game is already an improvement over $100 per account under Greenlight, which allowed so-called devs to pay the fee once and then spam as many asset flips as they wanted. P.S. Thanks
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    Platinum Games is Teasing a New, Wholly-Owned IP

    Does this mean Platinum might get into self-publishing? If so, that'd be wonderful. P.S. Thanks
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    Zenimax Files Suit Against Samsung for Oculus Tech in Gear VR

    Surely this breaks some criminal law as well? Why aren't they pressing charges? P.S. Thanks
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    Details, Footage of "Lost" Sonic Skateboarding Game Emerge

    The only new thing here is an Unseen64 video. This proto was already fairly well known among most groups that would care about it. P.S. Thanks
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    Analysts Expect Nintendo Will Release a Mini-Switch by the Spring of 2019

    It seems far more likely that the NES Classic was discontinued so they could [s]reaccommodate[/i] reallocate their manufacturing resources to more Switch units. I mean, say you're a big company, and you have two products on the market: A profitable nostalgia device that brings one-time...
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    Use Your Words Review - A Party Game for Wordsmiths

    So... it's like a Jackbox game, but made by another company? P.S. Thanks