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    The Escapist videos won't play

    I'm getting the same problem since a week ago. Looks like a fix requires site staff assistance.
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    Sunless Sea Sequel, Sunless Skies Kickstarter Announced

    Well this was some lovely news to wake up to. Might boot Sunless Sea back up and see what got added since I played in beta/at launch.
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    #113: Captured

    So, did Daedalus just kill that random soldier, or spit blood onto Gunny, I can't quite tell.
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    M.A.V.: A Spiritual Sequel to Chromehounds

    Actually, if you pledge $20, you get beta access as soon as the kickstarter ends. Just a heads up :3
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    M.A.V.: A Spiritual Sequel to Chromehounds

    I tended to run command mechs for my squad (with 3 defender-class cannons, because why not?), and I remember the time we got into a 4v4 against a Japanese squad. We had a commander, they didn't. Our soldier and defended ambushed 3 of their mechs, and wiped them out for little real damage in...
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    M.A.V.: A Spiritual Sequel to Chromehounds

    The moment I have been dreaming of for so long has arrived. A spritual sequel to the first Xbox 360 game I ever owned, and my first experience of the mech genre. It looks like Chromehounds. It plays like...
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    DotA vs LoL...which is better?

    Sorry to be nitpicky, but warding is a thing in LoL. All other points are valid. I'll be sticking to my nooblord LoL though. If I'm not finding DotA 2 fun after 32 hours, I think there's a problem.
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    DotA vs LoL...which is better?

    I play both (kinda), and I'm mainly a LoL guy. DotA 2 IS, if you were going by technicalities, probably the 'better' game. However, I find LoL to be far more fun. Mana is much more plentiful, so you can actually use abilities in lane to harass the enemy. In DotA 2, cast a few spells and that's...
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    Buy A Warhammer 40k Space Marine Chapter For $11K

    This is listed on their site under 'army essentials' for the Space Marines. Sure GW, sure.
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    White People! Are you offended being called a "Cracka"?

    Well, its my username, so most of the time I think people are just calling me by that. It actually took at least a year after picking the name to find out it actually went 'white boy' etc. I was thinking about Ritz crackers at the time, and its kinda similar to my last name anyhow. So...
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    How terrible a person am I for wanting to opt out of invasions in Dark Souls?

    Girls Und Panzer, my friend. In short, the premise is japanese schoolgirls engaged in tank warfare as part of their education. AND IT IS AWESOME. Crunchyroll's got it for free, but the above image is one of the unofficial translations, sadly.
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    How terrible a person am I for wanting to opt out of invasions in Dark Souls?

    Sorry. In seriousness, not really, although I thought people played Dark Souls specifically FOR the challenge, including the constant threat of invasion. I could be wrong though.
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    Spider-Man's Knickers

    The 'Choppington' bit made me double take, seeing as that's the name of the town/village (its kind of vague) I live in XD
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    One Million Moms Fights Gay Superheroes

    Can someone just start nuclear war already, so stuff like this becomes pretty much irrelevant?
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    So Bronies, your thoughts on MLP:FiM season 2.

    Well, let's put it this way. I saw the finale an hour ago, and I'm still giddy from how amazing it was.