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    Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard Review - Bridging the Gap

    At what point did everyone decide that rubber dome keyboards were 'soft'? Have you just not used them for so long that you've forgotten what they really feel like? You have to apply full pressure on the keys just to make them register because they only actuate at the bottom of the travel. It...
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    Xfiles may be returning to telivision on Fox

    Maybe then they can release the HD transfers that they've been just sitting on for the last two years.
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    Dr Who: Dark Water

    People often checked the Doctor's heartbeat and were not surprised, suggesting only one heart.
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: Godmonster of the Indian Flats

    In the past you would talk about the movie and sometimes show a short clip unmuted. Today, you say one very short sentence, followed by an extended clip from the movie, followed by another short sentence.
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: Clive Barker's Nightbreed

    I swear you only talked about the movie for like 1 minute and the rest was just clips.
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    The Big Picture: #WalrusNo - Why Tusk Is A Bad "Bad" Horror Movie

    I swear by Shlocktober '15, you'll just be posting nothing but clips without any commentary.
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    Zero Punctuation: Transistor - Like Bastion But...

    Something tells me this isn't a HAL-developed SNES game from 1995 as the video description suggests.
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    Game of Thrones Is Officially Biggest HBO Series Ever

    Sky Atlantic is included with NowTV, which at £5 per month works out much cheaper than waiting a year for the box set if you only subscribe when GoT is on.
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    Tell me why I shouldn't give up on Arrow

    I've rented season 1 of Arrow from my local library and have watched up to episode 5. These are my observations: Oliver apparently just decided to become a vigilante because of his father's vague last words and a list of names (I assume he used invisible ink). Why would he think they meant...
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    Square Enix Working on "Next" Dragon Quest

    I wish more game designers would follow Yuji Horii's lead and just keep the fundamental mechanics of a given genre intact, rather than trying to re-invent the wheel with every game they make.
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    The Last of Us: When Does it Get Better?

    I am slightly further in than you seem to be and am also dissatisfied, but less with the gameplay and more with everything else. Another problem is the human enemies. They seem more concerned with killing you than actually surviving. As soon as someone spots Joel, everybody runs out to get...
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    Your Favorite "Best/Worst" Trailers

    Best trailer for any game: Such a chill.
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    Game companies play the Stanley Parable

    Square Enix: Let's go left, but then give up and try to monetise the broom closet. Konami: Don't leave room 427, get someone else to make the decision. Ubisoft: We won't go left unless we know we can get a ton of endings.
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    PS4 doesn't auto-install disc games, it just caches them.

    Article on Gamepur [] What this basically means is that full game dumping from the BD is just temporary, so you'll only need to upgrade the hard disk if you plan on going...
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    Will Nintendo Dominate China? (If not, who will?)

    As far as I know, Nintendo have been releasing portables in China for years under the iQue brand. I don't know if those have been popular, though.