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    UPDATE: Try Yahtzee Croshaw's New Game Consuming Shadow

    YES~! I am absolutely delighted to be someone to help the development of any game; especially one made by our dearly beloved Mr. Croshaw. If I can help, I'll be itching to take a look at the story as well as find as many of those nasty little bugs that may exist. That's one of the things I...
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    Pandora Wants To Put You In First Contact With Alien Fun

    Just how many 'Pandora's are there in popular media, now?
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    Marvel Comics Reveals New Ms. Marvel

    Ya know, I really do like that new costume. Not only does it pull from the traditions of modesty instilled by Islam, but it is also simple and unique. I can't wait to see what the story's like.
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    World of Warcraft Slows Losses As Activision Beats Q3 Outlook

    There's still that many people that play World of Warcraft? Huh, I wonder how many accounts are actually active and how many are just people that have forgotten that they pay money to Blizzard every so often... I ask because I have barely heard so much as a squeak about WoW since that one Panda...
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    Zero Punctuation: Killer Is Dead

    Wait, no spit-take moments? Erm... Yahtzee, did you play the final boss?
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    Mighty No. 9 Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One, 3DS And Vita

    WE DID IT! WE HAVE DESTROYED ALL MISCONCEPTIONS OF DOUBT IN THE GENRES OF OLD AND BROUGHT ABOUT THE NEW TIMES! WE ARE THE MIGHTY NUMBERS! YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! (In all seriousness, I am so happy that this project has succeeded in such an astounding way. I hope that more people will...
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    EA Sports UFC First to Feature Female Fighters

    Erm... Yay? Honestly, women in sports has been going on for decades, now- this is something that I'm pretty sure should've already been done. Why celebrate the creation of something that's been expected? In fact, why weren't women/female teams just put into their respective sports games? I...
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    Hideo Kojima's Making MGS5 Characters More "Erotic" For Cosplay

    Kojima, this is why you can't have nice things... Okay, lemme get this straight, you're making a character's costume design more erotic in hopes that it will be more capable of selling figurines and so that women would be more inclined to cosplay as this character? Kojima, I know that in the...
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    Microsoft's Mehdi: Xbox 360 Still Has 3 Years Of Life In It

    I... I-I uh... what?! No, seriously, in what way, shape, or form does any of this make sense?! When Nintendo released the Wii U, never did anyone ever say that the older console is still relevant in some way! Nintendo had made a new console that was better in multiple ways, therefore the older...
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    Study Finds Games Are Not a Trigger For At-Risk Youth

    To be going to the very same University, Stetson, that is, as the man who has so eloquently and assuredly shown us this, I feel very proud. ... Yes, I know, my comment brings nothing to the discussion table in any way, shape, or form, but come on, I can't help but get a sense of pride built...
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    Bungie Wants Destiny to Have Star Wars' Cultural Impact

    Ya know, Bungie, you may want to take a look at this old Jimquisition video, here: Yeah... I don't believe I need to restate what our own beautiful Mr. Sterling has so eloquently put in his video, there.
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    Shadow Warrior Trailer: You've Got Wang!

    Well... as nice as this all seems, I can't help but feel that it seems too nice. Every enemy in the trailer was mowed down without barely any sort of resistance and every weapon used just kinda seemed without punch, despite how big they were and how flashy their shots came out. I dunno if they...
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    Batman and Superman "Facing Off" in Man of Steel Sequel

    ... It's not gonna work... Just sayin', this is not going to work. I have this over reaching, dark feeling that it's going to fall faster and harder than Batman and Robin.
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    New Technology Lets You Physically Feel Virtual Objects

    Okay, yo; Get that crap, get the Oculus Rift, get the Omnidirectional Treadmill and let's make this VR happen!
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    Hubble Spots Hot, Blue Planet Where It Rains Glass

    Way to go, science! You have found the most metal planet in currently known existence!