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    Resident Evil Zero May be Getting a HD Remaster

    I don't understand why they would remake this game. Resident Evil Zero is not a particulary good RE game at all. I would much rather see the 2002 Resident Evil GameCube game being remade which is criticially acclaimed
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    PAX Scalpers Aren't the Villains You Think They Are

    Scalpers are always removing the profit off the venue and putting into their own pockets. There is no defense to that insentive and they will always be seen as thieves for doing that. The problem with allowing scalping to become a legitimate business is that once you accept it under a certain...
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    Smack 25% Off Ultra Street Fighter IV Before Friday's Launch

    "The voucher you have applied cannot be used in conjunction with GMG Credit. If you would prefer to use GMG Credit, please remove the vouchers." The coupon code for USFIV doesn't work at Green Man Gaming
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    The PC Version of Dark Souls 2 is lazy as hell

    There's curently a lot of 3rd party applications that can override the games controls and map different keystrokes to mouse. I think using double- and single-click as a way of controlling your character just smells disaster. Just to clearify things, using a mouse and keyboard control in...
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    Game of Thrones Premiere Piracy: A Million Downloads in Half A Day

    They aren't boradcasting the show here in Sweden. It's not part of the regular network. Either you fucking make it work so that people can see it or people will find another (better) alternative way of getting it. The people in the boradcasting channels here are complete fucking incompetent...
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    Study Shows Aggression From Video Games Linked to "Incompetence"

    They should see what LoL does to gamers... and that game has no gritty violence or realism to it what so ever
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    Game of Thrones Game Lets You Slap King Joffrey's Face Repeatedly

    The page requires me to install 3rd party browser app 'Unity Web-Player' to play the game. Is it safe? Has anyone tried this?
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    Gamer Ends up Comatose After Drinking 4-Liters of Energy Drink

    Mind you that selling Energydrinks to a 14-year-old is ILLEGAL in Norway. There is a reason why most stores require ID from adolecents to buy that shit.
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    Titanfall Doesn't Have Anti-Cheat (Yet)

    But it *SHOULDN'T* be something people will have to deal with. It SHOULDN'T be an excuse that "Oh, it's just a part of release hiccups, we just have to cope with it" As several other people here have stated - Infinity Ward in the past has done very little to give a rats ass about the...
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    Titanfall Doesn't Have Anti-Cheat (Yet)

    I reported a cheater [] on the Black Ops 2 Forums over 3 months ago. The guys is not only STILL playing, he is ranked #2 in the world. This is a major problem with not having dedicated servers, the entire banning system is...
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    Ultra Street Fighter IV's "Secret" New Character is Decapre

    Wow... really...? I would have preferred Oro over... THAT! What a disapointment.
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    Speed Runner Beats Ocarina of Time in Less Than 19 Minutes

    Hence why its called AN "ANY% RUN". You can't complain that an any% speedrun includes glitches because that is the entire point - to beat the game from start to finish without clearing as little as possible during the run. If you want to see a 100% boss run run they are countless of...
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    Titanfall Doesn't Have Anti-Cheat (Yet)

    Knowing how little effort Infinite Ward put in to their past call of Duty games with hackers and cheaters I really don't see why people are surprised. CoD has its periods where the game is entirely unplayable because of cheaters and the fact that the developers switched to another company; I...
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    The Bad Ideas Guy

    Seekers (Or Pursuers as they are called)in Dark Souls isn't unbalanced on the simple reason that it has an insane Intelligance requirement. All those points that go into that stat are points that aren't going to boosting health, endurance, resistance etc. That means that any Scorcery-class...
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    Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD [PC] lacking key GFX?!

    So I've been playing Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition on the PC recently and I've nticed that the graphics look.. well... awful There is literally no dynamic lights, no shadows, the gamma and brightness levels has been way overblown and the lightning effects in the GameCube version looks...