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    The Thread of Love

    The smell gives a hallucinogenic effect! Holocaust Jokes
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    The Thread of Love

    Putting the powder on your foot is kinda fun. Dead cats.
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    The Thread of Love

    Well, I will never do that again! Swag fags.
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    The Thread of Love

    The effects were cool. Kane and Lynch: Dog Days.
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    The Thread of Love

    Better than a bad romance. Undercooked eggs.
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    The Thread of Love

    Ladies dig casts! Being shot.
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    Zero Punctuation: Papers, Please and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Congrats, you're on the front page of /mlp/.
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    Is the ending of The Dark Knight stupid?

    Thematically and in a story-telling sense, it's masterful. If you're the type that nitpicks everything in terms of real-world logic, then it fucking sucked.
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    Poll: 15 reasons why The Dark Knight Rises is incredible stupid.

    Damn, this makes my first EqG rant look like Siskel & Ebert. And what an original movie to nitpick about. I mean, you must be the first person on the internet who's complained about the Bat-symbol on the bridge. I bet NO ONE ELSE has been as clever as you.
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    Zero Punctuation: Papers, Please and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    Transgenders don't get fucking shielded from jokes any more than Call of Duty fans. Suck it the fuck up.
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    Angry mom sends letter to family of autistic child telling them to have him euthanized.

    This sounds like something a wannabe badass from reddit would do. Welp, the next PTO meeting's going to be a tad awkward.
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    Poll: Which days do you hate the most?

    Tuesday can go fuck itself. It always feels like the "filler" day where nothing extraordinary happens. It's not close enough to the end of the week to have that going for it, and it's not a day where entertainment of any kind comes out.
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    Poll: Die Hard or Godfather?

    Both? They're in completely different genres and are both nearly flawless. The only thing determining the choice is if you prefer standard action fare over mobster conspiracy, or vice versa.
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    Going off to College...

    My sister's going to college as well. Out of curiosity, where are you going? OT: Don't fuck around seems like good advice. You shouldn't have a stick up your ass during your free time, but also make sure that you have the right amount of studying time depending on your major (which in 9/10...
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    Movies That Don't Hold Up With Age [Possible Spoilers]

    To be honest, Friday the 13th was never that good. It just got a good reputation because BOOBEHS. The only movies that don't hold up with age for me are movies like Triumph of the Will or Birth of a Nation, and even those can be an educational insight into the ideologies of the people portrayed.