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    No One Really Cares About 1080p, Says Far Cry 4 Dev

    Exactly. It's not the consoles, it's the devs being inefficent as hell with their resources.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Evil Within - As Bad as Bad Horror Games Can Get

    RE4 didn't ruin Resident Evil. That's like saying Aliens ruined Alien...Why do people think that a franchise or universe isn't allowed to change up the way they do things or provide different experiences without 'ruining' what came before it?
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    Gamer Girl Jayd3Fox Bullied off web by Feminist

    I miss the good old days. Back then, when someone got loud and stupid, we knew that the pack was going to descend on them. We didn't condone it, but we also didn't coddle the victim of the mauling like they didn't deserve it at least a little. Everything sorted itself out, if the abused was...
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    Protagonists You Can't Get Behind

    Hahaha, that's very true about Bats and Eren. If you really want to get on Batman fan nerves though, be sure to tell them these things. 1) When Batman fought Superman, Supes wasnt trying at all, he proved several times that he could have ended the fight the moment it started. He just didn't want...
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    Worst examples of blatant fanservice

    I remember it being mentioned that a pilot could sync better with an Eva the less there was between them and the LCL. So, Ideally, they'd all just be naked like Melfina in Outlaw Star, Biomerged tamers, and pilots in Aquarion Evol. But they didn't do that. Also, it's marketing and fanservice.
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    The Sims 4 Won't Have Pools, Toddlers

    Really? Did you really say that? Just mentioning the title Witcher creates hype. Witcher is one of the most community hype PC RPG's following modded Bethesda games. It's hype train has only gotten longer as it's acquired bandwagon followers. Witcher has become one of 'the games' to have. So, you...
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    Superman/Batman Title Revealed, And It's Hilarious

    I'm read the comics and it still doesn't make sense. Mainly because Batman has never canonly defeated or even been a threat to the high tier members of the JL. The one comic and animation where Bats beat Supes are non-canon. All Batman ever really said was that he had counter measures in mind in...
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    What is the WORST, most dislikable personality trait a person can have?

    I don't like people being preachy cunts about morality. I'm a shitty person, yeah I know. You telling me and pointing it out isn't going to make me want to change. Honestly, I don't think anything will make me change. You're just blowing hot air.
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    Russia Tells U.S. to Use A Trampoline to Send Its Astronauts to the ISS

    Exactly. I mean, it's not like it wasn't already ruled back in '92 that Kruschev's trasfer of crimea to the ukraine was illegal or anything. I mean, yeah, Russia definitely hasn't been playing nice about it since they've pretty much let a piece of thier country get ruled by ukraine just because...
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    How many people know the Bechdel test's original source?

    But it's not because any of them are women though, it's because their roles are small compared to the icons that the movie focuses on. Hawkeye doesn't have a movie, neither does Robin, or Nick Fury. Why would they? But on the other hand Catwoman has a movie, and Wonder Woman may make a Cameo in...
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    Watch Dogs Looks Better on PC Than PS4/Xbox One, Says Director

    Funny thing is I rebuild, and upgrade my rig constantly (maybe every year or 6 months), but I don't play PC games. I just like tech. If I were to get Watch Dogs, I doubt I would have a problem running it.
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    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review

    Can't tell if that list is a serious comparison or not. Because most of that is definitely someone's preference over any sort of objective analysis.
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    Lightning Could Appear in Future Final Fantasy's

    I don't understand that choice. Gabranth is popular, Fran and Balthier = Popular. Vaan and Penelo? Meh... It's also why I wonder why Vaan is in Dissidia and not say, Fran and Ashe(Ashe is the one who gets the canon ultima weapon type thing in the story so she's obviously important, she's also a...
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    Hitting... Women

    My mother used to say "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." But that's just idealistic crap. My response to said quote has always been "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, if you give them to chance to pluck out your eyes." I've lived by that since I was about 10 years...
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    Shoot to disable instead of shoot to kill. Let's have an open talk about this.

    I watched that video several times. The screams, while delicious, were sullied by how unnecessary the entire situation was in the first place.