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    #003 - Brunch

    its an interesting different take, but i admit I myself can not read this much more. I already struggle with depression a lot, and seeing erin like this...I cant really accept or deal all that much. It pisses me off too much. Great quality though. Enjoy for those that dig it.
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    Good Game, Well Played

    This...HEAVILY reminds me of dark souls message system..oh dear lord, mobas may be toxic in arseholery, dark souls is toxic in incoherent and very low brow jokes.
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    Leaked Windows 10 Build Reveals Xbox, Cortana Integration

    To me it all depends what spencer is going to have to say. The whole migration is seriously resting on what he deems super important enough to wait till january over. If it flops, I stick to windows 7. Your move spencer. Make me WANT 10.
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    Three EA Games Free This Weekend for PlayStation Owners

    Hey man, i just restarted my ps4 real quick, it refreshed the Playstation store page and its available for free now!
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    Three EA Games Free This Weekend for PlayStation Owners

    Right? I just went through the store too. Did we forget to update or something?
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    Blizzard "Trying Not to Oversexualize" Female Overwatch Characters

    ...I know these comments are mostly speaking the mind about the sexualizations know, I've YET to see gameplay for this game and at all, and let me just say i am DAMN impressed.
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    How Shadow of Mordor is a Poor Man's Batman: Arkham Game

    Your complaints make sense until we bring up the variable factor of "different strokes for different people". You noted how stupid it was to completely jump around into the mechanics of fighting, stealth, range, etc. Then you come back around again and complain that it was not satisfying not...
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    The Compelling Story Within a Story in Shadow of Mordor

    I wont lie...while the orcs are supposed to be the villains and were supposed to be fairly happy they die..this story brought a tear to my eye.
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    Shadow of Mordor is Nothing But Infantile Revenge Porn

    I dont disagree with any of your points. The BIG reason I shrug off most of what you said is its literally "Shadow of Mordor". Not Lord of the rings:Shadow of mordor, not J.R Tolkiens shadow of Mordor, and certainly not J.R Tolkiens Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor. Its simply Shadow of...
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    Microsoft Bought Minecraft for How Much?

    Good Deal, Microsoft. Maybe now we can optimise it to use less resources, re-write the code better and put a new spit and shine option on it, give the graphics options a face-lift for those with high end gamming rigs.
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    Destiny's Vita Controls Have Been Optimized for Maximum Comfort

    Almost any ps4 title can be remote played via the playstation vita. Also be nice, I seriously think vita owners get kicked way too much these days. Poor bastards.
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    Ubisoft Sees No Profit or Point in Wii U Mature Titles

    While i can agree that they wont get the millions copies quickly, i can guarentee the die-hard nintendo fans will give it a try. I certainly will. The other thing you have to realise is well..its the same reason I REALLY want a Xbox One. It has the Masterchief collection...something I want...
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    Ryse: Son of Rome is going PC

    Ohhhh shit...if sunset overdrive and Masterchief collection could just come to PC...i'd FINALLY not have a huge rageing hard-on for an xbox one. Those 2 are the absolute only reason I want the console, fuck it elsewise.
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    Skyrim: Cabbage Rocket

    Theres not much any of us will be able to say/do on the topic of skyrim. It was built to be accessible and extremely easy to pick up and play in terms of leveling and choice of what style of combat you want or prefer. They pulled the old cater-to-everyone scheme, so everyone feels tickled pink...
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    Dead Rising 3 PC Will Run Fine Above 30 FPS After All, Says Capcom

    A.k.a we didnt optimise to go above 30 fps so you better have the raw power to force it that high. Sincerely the watchdogs..wait..wrong game....and company.