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    Grandpa Tastes Concrete Over Videogames

    Wow. All i can say is if you live in the US and you see any kind of event going down involving the police, whip your phone out and start filming. No matter what. That way people can know the truth for sure. Why does the officer get the benefit of the doubt but the old man is portray as...
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    Sega Says No Valkyria Chronicles III For Western Gamers

    Wait. VC3 is going to be on PS3 and they're basing this decision on the lack of VC2 sales which was on a different platform? Anyone else see the flaw in that logic?
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    Anders Breivik's Norway Massacre Simulator

    Wasn't it Heroin? But yeah, they definitely should. Amazing music, hate to have that piece of shit ruin it.
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    Anonymous Hacks Syrian Ministry of Defense

    Win. Just win. I'm actually looking forward to his reply of this one.
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    Anonymous Hacks Syrian Ministry of Defense

    You know what the say the voice of reason is an unstoppable wind. Actually, no, that's just what i said. I'm thinking Deamon is actually trolling us. He not only has some delusional perspective of the standards he applies to himself and others, but a lack of understanding about the subject...
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    Norwegian Retailers Get Rid Of Games After Attacks

    Good to know Escapist is full of people who instantly defend video games no matter the context. I know it's hard for a lot of people to imagine, but this attack had a very serious effect on Norway. It's out of respect to the deceased and mourners (who there are more than enough of right now) and...
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    **Terror in Oslo** UPDATE: Anders Breivik gets 8 weeks of custody

    Norwegian living in Oslo. This makes me feel better.
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    **Terror in Oslo** UPDATE: Anders Breivik gets 8 weeks of custody

    Posting from Oslo. Weird atmosphere here, but we'll stand strong against whoever did this. So far i've noticed many wanting to point the finger at someone but not actually doing it until more information is in. Which is a good thing.
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    Your Favorite Game opening/intro

    True. The opening cutscenes are a testament to how awesome the back-story really is in those games. Shame the execution of in game story was a bit meh. For me every MGS game opening scene is very memorable and well executed.
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    What Would Commander Shepard Do???

    Favourite stores* Don't you remember? And i think most of the point in 3 is that Earth is getting attacked. Good thing i'm a colonist and don't have to give a crap. :D
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    hey final boss this is gonna be epic wait are you serious?

    Borderlands, borderlands. Oh my god, borderlands.
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    Total War game recommendation

    Hearts of Iron 2... Just to be original. If you need to play a Total War game though (which you should, they're awesome) then Rome is my favourite.
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    my gf is a pothead

    No. Your uncle ruined HIS OWN life with pot and alcohol. OP : Only you can decide wether she is worth it. One piece of advice though, try and keep an open mind even though she's obviously abusing the drug.
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    Last 3 Movies

    Who's Lars from Norway? He's some guy she met at the gym with Brad Pitt's face and Jesus' abs. My three films : ? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Okay, it's a decent film, but i found Harry's acting a bit cheesy in this one, and logical fallacies. ? Lät Den Retta Komma Inn -...