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    Pinball Arcade Doctor Who Kickstarter

    Sorry, daft question but, why on Earth does it cost that much to re-create a pinball table in a video game? I've played the Star Trek TNG table in real life and in Pinball Arcade, and the simulation is pretty good, but not $50,000 worth of good, even factoring in the cost of buying a table...
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    Strike Force Kickstarter Aims to Revive Classic Superhero Setting

    "Well-loved by gamers all over the world" I never heard of it before. But then, I wasn't into Champions all that much, so I wouldn't have given anything associated with it a second glance.
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    Is anybody else here just not interested in modern gaming?

    If you really hate modern gaming, a new console will be coming soon just for you.
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    Is anybody else here just not interested in modern gaming?

    I am totally a classic gaming snob. My era of interest is pre-crash, so the NES is too modern for my tastes. There was something pure about the aesthetics of these older games with their colorful characters against a stark black background.
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    Poll: Would you hit a woman in self defence(If it were Ronda Rousey)

    I'd punch her. I thoroughly believe that women deserve equal rights and lefts. Especially one threatening to armbar my dick off. I need what little I got.
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    Strike Force Kickstarter Aims to Revive Classic Superhero Setting

    Would have been nice if the original article addressed this point. Is it a Hero system sourcebook, of have they written a new set of rules for it to make it it's own game?
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    Pinball Arcade Doctor Who Kickstarter

    Farsight Studios is attempting to bring the 1992 Williams/Bally pinball table based on Doctor Who to Pinball Arcade. They've set a goal of $54,634 by Sat, Feb 13 2016 4:37 PM EST. I am not affiliated with Farsight Studios. I am merely a fan who would really like this table to get funded and...
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    Alan Rickman of Die Hard and Harry Potter Fame Passes Away At 69

    By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged! Goddammit. Who's next? People have been dropping like flies lately.
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    Ooooookay. Why is the term "Mary Sue" being thrown around like paint?

    The term "Mary Sue" originated with a piece of Star Trek (I think it was the Next Generation) fan fiction. It was original series. The story in question is called "A Trekkie's Tale" [] by Paula Smith that appeared the fanzine Menagerie in...
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    George R.R. Martin "Astonished" by Fans After Winds of Winter Delay

    Livejournal still exists and George R R Martin uses it? Wow.
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    Point Break - It Can't Really Be This Bad, Can It?

    I hope that it becomes clear that banking on IP is not the way for film to go soon so we stop getting movies like this and Jem and the Holograms. Did anyone anywhere ever ask for these movies? Even fans of the original? But before they do, I hope they remake Solarbabies.
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    Watch: Independence Day: Resurgence First Official Trailer

    I'm sure that at the time that there were some. I'm sure someone thought they should make a sequel to Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow. People are so stupid. The question is who the hell is asking for this now? There are latter-day sequels and then there's making the first sequel twenty...
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    Pan - Some Things Shouldn't Exist

    Finally! A companion piece for Hook! God, that movie was bad. Forty minutes of some kid squishing Robin Williams's face. Bah!
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    The Martian - In Your Face, Neil Armstrong

    A faster way is "It's a remake of Robinson Crusoe On Mars, but without the silly aliens, monkey or Adam West in a brief cameo." Not that I mind that RCOM has been remade. Of all the 60's sci-fi flicks, that one was one of the better ideas. Too bad they added a man Friday in the form of an...
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    Paramedics Sent to Fantasia Fest Following Chaotic 'Bite' Screening

    I don't know about that. William Castle was doing shit like this in the 50's, and this kind of showmanship and even he was predated. Frankenstein (1931) began with a warning that the film is just too fucking scary and there were rumors of people fainting during that one. In fact, this sort of...