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    Poll: Best Valve game?

    Half Life. Story, gameplay everything was so incredibly hot at the time. I didn't have as much fun with all the other (good) Valve games combined. But for me Counterstrike belongs to Half Life. Because it was just a mod.
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    Poll: Would you play an RPG that hides stats from the player?

    100% stupid idea. What would people do if it was an actually good game? Extract the numbers from the game anyways. And go for maximum efficiency.
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    Poll: League of Legends class

    Always Caitlyn/MF + Taric bottom lane.
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    Do you live on your own?

    Living alone is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I only do things when I want to. If it is not tidied up, I either don't care OR I do care, in which case I tidy up. It is a win-win-win-win situation.
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    Poll: School - Is This Cheating?

    Doesn't sound like cheating to me. If the teacher doesn't change his tests, he is bad teacher though.
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    Poll: According to my peers, PC gaming is inferior to consoles.

    Watching someone play FPS on console is like watching special olympics, if you have ever used a computer mouse.
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    Skyrim: ProTips

    1. Enchanting, Alchemy and Blacksmithing are completely imbalanced and broken overpowered. You can loop the percentages of extra effects, resulting in weapons that do thousands of damage per hit. (Like: Take Enchanting potion -> enchant better Alchemy on something -> brew better Enchanting...
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    The many breeds of hater, which one are you?

    You forgot the console hater. Seriously anyone who doesn't play (non-sports, non-platformer, non-racing) games with a computer mouse is effectivly ruining modern games. RIP Skyrim.
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    Poll: how good is Battlefield 3

    It is REALLY fun. But there are many bugs and glitches (game crashes really often, for everyone I know and play with), most servers lag and origin steals your data and shares it with everyone, and checks your computer for other stolen EA games. Oh and Singleplayer is boring, and Coop is a...
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    Poll: What Hands do you Use a Knife and Fork With?

    Your friend is right.
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    What's strange about *your* language?

    If you are foreign no one really cares, because most people get the genders wrong. If you are German you obviously always know what is which gender. And to clarify, it is "das" Hähnchen. It would be confusing if you said that you wanted "die" Hähnchen, because that would be plural and you...
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    What's strange about *your* language?

    Yea, I know that I spelt it wrong. It was just the closest word I knew in terms of looks. And I wouldn't ever have dreamt (or dreamed?) of pronouncing gaoler jailer. I would have pronounced it like goaler. I am not dyslexic, but I really can see why there would be more dyslexics in English. In...
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    What's strange about *your* language?

    I will help the English people out and point out what is actually strange about your language. I read Game Of Thrones, and read the word gaoler. I thought "What? Goal? Does this have anything to do with goals?" Turns out you pronounce it jailer. Which makes sooo much more sense. The...
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    What's strange about *your* language?

    In German there are some words such as Teeei oder Schifffahrt. Apart from that: All nouns start with a capital letter, which is probably my most-liked part about German. Long sentence are regarded as nice and stylistically high-level. Such as: It is also common to split some verbs...
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    Are you a moral or immoral online player?

    Haven't seen any change in that behaviour. Spawnkilling and corpsecamping in WoW was common as long as I remember. Stranglethorn always was a PvP area. "I learn in a strategy that a single unit is overpowered" I use it to win. I hate losing. Obviously I wouldn't cripple myself. Balance...