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    What's your favourite Yahtzee quote?

    ''Have your tampons at the ready because im about to be a MASSIVE ****.''
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    Blizzard keep sending me emails

    I played the trial for 10 minutes and now i constantly get emails saying my account is being locked/hacked or both. I even get ones saying my account will be deleted for illegal activities. Like i care about it.
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    Hairy Chests. Your Stance?

    I dont like any hair on my body. As soon as i can afford an Epilator its all getting plucked. Chest, arms, legs, the lot. It sucks that at age 17 i have hair at the bottom of my back and randomly sprouting ones across my shoulders. I guess im cursed. I dont mind if other guys have it...
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    A question for the Escapists in the UK/Ireland

    I personally think Crunchies are gross :| and now im scared for the backlash.
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    Is Trick or Treating Dead?

    It is in my area. We havent had anyone come to our door for 3 years now. Although it might be different tonight.
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    275: Confessions of a GameStop Employee - Part Three

    The more of these i read the more i question what i could be in for everytime i call up my local GAME asking if they have vacancies yet.
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    274: Confessions of a GameStop Employee - Part Two

    I never understand how people trade in their games that have missing manuals, cases or the disc is covered in scratches. If i ever trade in games i make sure every sheet of paper that was inside it at opening is in there, and ive never scratched a game at all. Not that it makes any difference...
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    When you're nervous/anxious...

    Im exactly the same as this. The last interview for a job i had, the day it was i woke up and immediately had to go to the toilet because i had started gagging o.o
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    Nintendogs Blamed for Enticing Real Dog to Attack Child

    All these dog attacks here in the UK lately are such... urgh. They are nearly all by the same type of dog and they never mention if the child who got attacked did something to the dog. My dog, a jack russell is extremely sweet and cuddly, but you get near her when shes in her bed and she...
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    The "haunted' Majora's mask Cartridge

    This is actually one of the best Creepypastas ive read, because it actually had a sense of realness throughout until it started talking about how ben was haunting the guy through the cartridge.
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    Poll: do you have any gay or lesbian friends?

    I have known gay people but they have all been over the top dramatic gays. On the subject since people have said it in here, Im Gay, i wear girls clothes, i wear make up and i have long hair. I am often mistaken for a girl. Explaining this online makes people automatically assume i am a huge...
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    Poll: Sandwiches!

    If im eating like a tuna sandwich then i kinda want it cold. Warm is good for meat fillings.
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    Poll: Gay Main Character

    I would love it to have a gay main character, just because it would show more acceptance in society. A good way to do it would be to drop subtle hints or say if it was a gritty kind of game, have the character meet up with a man and give the impression they are going all the way without showing...
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    Poll: the skinny jean fad

    I wear them constantly because i feel like a tramp in any other style thats more loose. Dont even get me started on those parachute-like jeans.
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    Mogworld pushed back?

    I remember Yahtzee tweeted something about it getting pushed back but the reason behind it wasnt a big deal.