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    Question of the Day, September 4, 2010

    Doom influenced the entire genre as a whole. Half-life influenced great single player FPS games with good level design, a good story, and still being fun. Goldeneye was the first FPS on the console that didnt have outrageous controls, and made multiplayer popular (4 player split-screen at the...
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    Popular bands that you don't like?

    I know for a fact im going to get a lot of criticism here, but me and my friend cannot figure out why the band Led Zeppelin is as big as they are. They wrote good music, yes. But to us it doesnt seem like they did anything out of the ordinary. They're good, but overrated.
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    My laptop probably can't run Oblivion so is Morrowind a worthy substitute?

    many people think morowind is better either because it has a LOT more content, or to sound like more dedicated fans. however, from every person i know, including myself, oblivion is the funner game. Much less buggy (lol hard to believe) more balanced, and easier to get into. So if u want more...
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    Poking the Hornet?s Nest

    This is simply a matter of people taking something too deeply and making bad things of it. I dont understand how this can offend people. It was a terrorist who commited this, a genuine badguy. The only thing this should offend is people who want to do this in real life. Because hes russian...
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    The Worst Invention Ever

    the do-it-yourself roadmap
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    Guitar solo recommendations

    are u looking for just all out soloing, or songs with impressive guitaring? heres a really fast one and heres a song with nice guitaring i like (ignore the intro.. lol)
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    Most Useless Power in a game?

    i love light spells.. they give off much more light than torches, are free (besides magic), dont require a hand to hold, and dont hurt my eyes like annoying night-eye. yes its dumb for sneaking, but theres other ways to play the game. OT: in every diablo game, telekinesis, why waste skill points...
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    An Ideal Apocalypse

    the ideal apocolypse would be..... metalocolypse
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    Guitar Hero 5 setlist complete

    id like to know what one of these songs will be the tough one. None of them sound like it. gh2 had jordan, 3 had ttfaf, wt had satch, nothing here looks or sounds tough. Thats the whole reason i play these games is for challenge. I hate playing the same 3-4 songs on a game because all the rest i...
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    Crazy first lines?

    i dont know the name of the song, but its a song by Pantera that starts out with "I F***ed your girlfriend last night" lol, so random
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    Worst Boss fight in a game ever

    inb4 last boss of fable 2
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    Poll: How Healthy Is The Escapist Community??

    i scored 25.1 on that test, 0.1 overweight. Time to hit the gym =D
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    For those who eat Ramen

    I put it in my mouth, chew it, swallow it, repeat until done. /sarcasm I just cook it the way the package says, and it comes out mediocre everytime. I guess i just dont like it much.
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    Poll: What is your stance on JRPGs?

    About 90% of the time, i will prefer a western rpg. But i have played through a couple, wether or not i liked them. My only gripe with jrpgs is that they seem overly flooded with story and wont let me simply... play the game.
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    Windows gaming performance - is it ideal?

    I personally dont think the os affects gaming perfermance at all (give or take a tiny bit) the thing that makes the difference is compatability, correctly installed drivers, and obviously good parts. This is why i stuck to console games, they do all this crap for me, and let me use my computer...