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    Hitting... Women

    I'm too lazy to read through the entire thread to see if someone brought up this point, but the important element is this: When she slaps him, it's not designed to cause damage, it's just another form of insult. When he slapped her back, it WAS designed to cause damage, IE to knock her down...
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    The Big Picture: Blecch, Dull Tests

    The biggest thing that I think can be said about how well the Bechdel Test fails to rate female characters is this: The Room technically passes the Bechdel test, whereas Fargo fails it.
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    The rampant Sexualization in videogames

    The response to this is quick, and I've never heard a good counterpoint to the response. It's such a well known response that both Jim Sterling and Moviebob have made this point, ON THIS VERY SITE, but apparently I have to tell it to you siomasm: Overly muscled men are not there to be eye...
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    Runaways Movie question

    Wait...there's a Runaways movie coming? Seriously? Or is this just wishful thinking? If it's not, I demand sources. As for the actual question: There could be some stink on it, but I think Molly is fine for 2 reasons. 1 is that her being a mutant is not INHERENT to her backstory or the story...
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    Asking for Help

    /shrug I'll switch it up for the FB fanpage to avoid trouble. Anyway, I'm not so much expecting direct donations from the forums I frequent as I am hoping for help spreading the word. There's no way I'm gonna meet my goals just by relying on people I know personally to help me spread the word...
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    Asking for Help

    You should. It' experience like no other. Seriously, nothing can prepare you for this experience. As a sidebar, anyone who doesn't feel like donating but wants to show support should like the fanpage I set up for it:
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    Asking for Help

    I really don't like asking for help like this, but I promised I'd try all the forums I visit regularly (although I doubt if anyone remembers when I used to do User Reviews here...I probably should have mentioned it here when I moved them to my own blog...oh well.) Anyway, onto the basics: So...
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    Uncharted 3: The Last Crusade?

    Both Drake and Indiana Jones are reverse engineered from old adventure serials (Jumanji was like this too), so they will naturally have a lot in common. For example, the big guy who they have to have a losing fist fight with is a staple of old adventure serials, hence why both of them have it...
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    Love Blooms in New Skyward Sword Trailer

    Dear Nintendo, The character designs in Wind Waker worked (to the extent they did) because you went for broke on those designs. Going halfway between there and another character design puts you so deep in the Uncanny Valley you're going to need climbing equipment to get out (or to put it...
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    Top 5 favorite bands

    1-Bruce Springsteen 2-The Beatles 3-Barenaked Ladies 4-Tegan and Sara 5-Emilie Autumn And about a billion others, but those are the big 5.
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    Poll: Metal Gear Solid most emotional moment?

    Either the end of MGS3 or the hallway sequence of MGS4.
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    Is Mass Effect an jRPG?

    Well wikipedia tells me Bioware is not from Japan, so no. And I'm sorry but it's that simple. A JRPG is not a genre technically, it's an RPG that's made in Japan.
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    The next "Friday"? - Also, Haters.

    Haters gonna hate is a dismissive attempt to ignore legit criticism. It's the cultural equivalent of someone pointing out a problem with a politician and the criticism being dismissed with something along the lines of 'Oh he's a liberal' or 'Oh he's a conservative.' It comes from people being so...
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    Zelda Boss Reveals Skyward Sword Details

    Am I the only one who thinks that screenshot just LOOKS awful?
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    ME2 SPOILERS: Which squad member...

    None. It's not that hard to not lose anyone.