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    Recommend Me a Bad Anime

    Anything by Bee Train.
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    Zero Punctuation: Sniper Elite V2

    Yahtzee's a little jealous of Wales' awesome dragon flag of awesome, I see.
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    Fable: The Lost Chapters Help?

    Yes, it is the Runtime Error. No, compatibility modes and stuff disabled does not work. I have googled to death and the answer to the problem seems to be "Get another graphics card." D: . It is the regular disc version.
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    Slowly abandoning Diablo 3

    I just hate the fact that with no choice in character progression, all that differentiates your character from another one from the same class is the items you have equipped. Why hello there Real Money Auction House, can I buy some items please? It's sickening, character progression taken...
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    Fable: The Lost Chapters Help?

    Hey guys, Fable. Just. Won't. Work. Ugh. Turns out, every time I boot it and start a new game a Runtime Error appears. My graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5670) is unsupported even though it can play game even older than it is (Etherlords, released in 2001 for example.). Is there a way to...
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    How do you feel about "lost woods" type areas in games?

    In Folklore, the Endless Corridor is like the Lost Woods, execpt you have to follow a clock Folk, NOT any of the clones that come afterward, that SINGLE clock Folk. Why? Just Why!?
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    Why So: Anti-Elf?

    KOA: Reckoning made me vomit with their portrayal of seelie and unseelie fae. No thanks! "Guardian of the Mabinogi" How can you guard folk stories? Pfft. Elves are European, Fae are Irish, there's a difference. They are overused. That's why people hate them.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Amen. Okay, here I go: Euthanasia should be only used in exterme cases, you only get one life. There are a lot of things that we don't know with science and what we have is out Best Guess thing, we have come a long way but there's still a way to go to the truth. People should get out...
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    Writing on the wall - A chance to be a part of Escapist history!

    Same here. Evil Teddie is waiting...
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    Artist's Block

    Hey guys, For a while, I've been unable to think of stuff to draw. I used to draw dragons, etc but wish to move on to something else, I just dunno what. Been experiment with steampunk lately though: (Very bad mobile...
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    BioWare Uses Stock Photo for Tali in Mass Effect 3

    This. I hope you like your pile of money Bioware... Down the slope of quality we go! Seriously, after Dragon Age 2, I'm not surprised.
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    Hindus Upset Over Asura's Wrath

    Funnily enough, Digital Devil Saga actually protrays the deites very accurately and yes, there is a hermaphrodite god (called Ardhanarishvara.) which is where Jenna Angel comes from. I've always admired the Shin Megami Tensei series for its accuracy with mythology. This is just a guy ticked...
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    A Little Less (dumb) Conversation

    Sorry for the long quote but this has happened to me so many times. Your articles help maintain faith in humanity Shamus. I did like the timer in Alpha Protocol, it just made the conversation flow fantastically and it killed the Bioware Stare(TM).
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    Poll: What do you look for in a Let's Play?

    I like LPs to be informative and witty. There are some gems on the LP archive, look for ones by Lt. Danger, The Dark Id, and Orange Fluffy Sheep to see what I'm talking about. I used to be a fan of Toegoff's blind LPs, but then I slowly got annoyed at his Lawful Good stupidity. I would like...
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    PS Vita Impressions

    DO WANT. I mean seriously, with Atlus remaking titles of the Persona series on PSP and Persona 4: The Golden on PS Vita, you can have nearly all of the Persona series on one console, so why not? Gonna wait for the price to drop a bit and see if there are any nicely priced bundles. Can't wait.