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    The Time had create our OC in the new Sonic Game!!!!

    Hey, It worked pretty dang well for Xenoverse. Besides, We'll know if Sega's catering to the DA crowd for realsise if the Collector's edition comes with either a bike pump or a sleeping bag shaped like Tails' mouth.
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    The Jackbox Party Pack 4 Announced, Contains Fibbage 3

    Wonder if You Don't know Jack is finally returning. You know, that game they're literally named after. And they could make it more than 4 persona playable too this time. Sounds heavenly
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    Your ideal Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars crossover?

    Well, Obviously have the Death Star and New York be worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. EZ PZ. Bonus points if the Death Star and the Lilo & Stitch Alien Armada get in a big "end of the first Mass Effect 1" style of Dogfight."
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    The Next Overwatch Hero is a Tank Named Orisa

    "Think of it as a projectile-based machine gun" What, as opposed to those melee-oriented machine guns? In seriousness, I can't wait to try her out later, seems like new main material
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    When was the last time you couldn't finish a game cause it was too difficult?

    About a year ago I borrorwed my buddy's copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 to play Birth By Sleep. I decided to play the Characters in order from most to least appealing (Aqua, Terra, then Ven). I never got to Ven. Fucking Xenahort man. I've been chomping at the bit for the ps4 remix rebirth...
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    Super Marion RPG 2....when?

    The fact that Square and Nintendo can work enough together to get Cloud in to SSB but yet Geno remains neglected is the greatest travesty. And it's not like Nintendo and Squeenix never work together past the SNESteryears. There was Bravely Default, Two KH games and a slew of Dragon Quest DS...
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    #168: Cardio

    Oh no guys. I have a feeling Erin's gonna roll a critical Spit.
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    #005: Traveling Companion

    Oh dang. If only suchong could've been left behind, then you could've started calling the series "Erin Lives Alone"
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    Reddit CEO Admits to Editing User Comments

    I'm going to guess this soundbyte played every time he edited someone else's comments. Otherwise I'll have to assume reddit isn't programmed properly.
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon's Final Starter Evolutions Revealed

    Dang it. I've been on the Popplio train since the first reveal but now I have to decide between Heel Wrestle Kitty and Furry 34 bait. Hmm. On an related note, what's a better name for Wrestle Kitty? Unpurrtaker or Mick Foline?
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    Zero Punctuation: Paper Mario Color Splash

    Yahtzee on Zelda, NSMB, Smash Bros.: "They keep making their new games like their older ones, and that's terrible" Yahtzee on Paper Mario: "Nintendo doesn't keep making the new games like the older ones, and that's terrible" Now, I'm definitely not defending Sticker Star 2.0, (although if...
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Introduces the Evolved Forms of the Starter Pokemon

    Well, I had already locked in on popplio, but I will say I'm not terribly excited for the path it's going down. I was hoping he would get more clowney, you know? Something like Circusman.EXE from Battle Network, but also a seal.
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    More Card Nerfs Hit Hearthstone - Shaman, Warrior, and Yogg-Saron

    Not gonna lie, bit salty over the unneccessary Yogg nerf, and I don't even own the card. Was saving up the dust for it, but now that it's been warsong commander'd into the ground, what's the point? Especially since there's a much easier way to nerf yogg. Just gut the pool of cards it can cast...
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    Dragon Ball: Fusions Confirmed For Western Release

    I can't wait to see what Goku and Turles fused together looks like! Seriously though, I've been hoping this would be brought across the Ocean. Kinda weird that the trailer didn't showcase the eponymous fusions of... Fusions. I mean, you see Gohillan (or is it Krilhan?) and Tiencha for a Brief...
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    #146: Class Warfare

    Calling it now, Healer's getting Sephirothed. Total party wipe, then it's going to cut back to the couch and Rad's going to say something like "I told you to grind more! We're way too underleveled"