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    8 of the Most Influential RPGs Ever Made

    The fallout page didn't load. Anyone with the same problem?
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    Fallout 4 Review - Post-Apocalyptic Warlord Simulator 2287

    Yeah, we'd love to consider New Vegas the third fallout but it seems that we can't have nice things anymore (Thanks to Metacritic ratings and Bethesda). At least they took us into account one time.
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    8 Bad Games that Severely Damaged Great Franchises

    I think I have a problem with my browser, I can't see Fallout 3 in this list. Does anyone have the same problem?
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    8 Things that Would Make Fallout 4 Awesome

    I disagree. 1- Yeah, that's what fallout is about, a post nuclear GTA with streamline cars. 2- Wich means flashier guns and bigger nuke bomb launchers. 3- I'm sure it will be full of epicnesses and immersions. 4- ahahahhahahahah! 5- I'm sure they'll improve the gun fight. 6- The...
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    The First Fallout 4 Details Revealed - Update

    Because that's what real fans want, less thinking and more Teddy bears critical hits that smash the evil supermutant head into pieces. Who needs stats when you got guns? Remember the lesson from Fallout 3 "Violence is fun!"
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    The First Fallout 4 Details Revealed - Update

    WOW! Minigames, a tower defense game you'll never see and a Pip boy for your I-phone. Did they say anything about quests? No? Well, but who cares?? I just hope there will be another quest to find 100 bottle caps of nuka cola, again! XD This is going to be Sooo radical! Can't wait til...
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    8 Video Games That Are Better Than The Movies They're Based On

    Yeah, I'm doing the same. But this "shitty" list articles make me come here to complain. It's the only thing they're good for.
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    8 Video Games Everyone Needs To Play

    I didn't know about this. It will be nice playing van buren for more than one screen ^_^ The problem is that Bethesda has the rights to anything that is fallout related. Maybe it will be the sequel to wasteland 2...
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    8 Video Games Everyone Needs To Play

    FAllout 3 is the worst game of the series, and it's predecessors were NOT top down shooters. They were great RPG's. Fallout 3 it's a disaster: awful dialogs, broken system, poor story, flat characters. It has everything an awful game should have to be awful (did I already said it was awful...