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    Pokken Tournament Will Feature at EVO 2016

    Most MKX players use traditional controllers anyway, so whatever "controversy" you're talking about must've already happened at last year's EVO (it didn't), not to mention there are quite a few top players in games where the arcade stick is vastly preferred that still opt to use a controller...
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    Street Fighter V Beta Shut Down Mere Hours After Launch

    The beta is free. Most people could pre-order, get the beta code, then cancel the pre-order. They must have learned a lot from last night, and I honestly think tying the betas to pre-orders was a smart move on their part. Rather than it being a measure of how many people will buy their game...
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    EVO Ditches Broken PS4 Street Fighter IV in Favor of Xbox Version

    For once, this was actually out of Capcom's hands. It's more likely that Sony relegated Capcom to focusing solely on SFV while they themselves handled the port. And Sony for some reason chose Other Ocean Interactive, a company whose track record regarding the fucking up of fighting games was...
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    Creative Differences

    /run jokekill.exe No. The joke is that if he ever bothered to look at the strips before they went up, that last panel would never have happened, and oddly enough, neither would the joke we have today.
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    YouTube Overturned Konami's Copyright Claim Against Critical Video

    Youtube actually doing their job is unheard of. I can tell you what REALLY happened: Someone high up was really looking forward to Silent Hills. Edit: Also, keep up the good work Mr. Zimmerman. This wasn't just a good read, but should be the standard all other articles on the Escapist are...
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    Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episodic Zombies

    You shot the zombie of Brad in RE2. RE3 actually showed how he became a zombie.
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    How You Can Make a AAA Game Like Today's Developers

    At first I was disappointed that I didn't make the first Shadow of the Shadow joke, but then I realized SEGA might always be waiting for a Shadow the Hedgehog sequel where Shadow gets a sidekick. It will be known as Shadow's Shadow.
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    On the PC Master Race and the Language Police

    Stick around in this thread for about 30 posts. I'm sure you'll find two or three getting the party started. OT: "Suck it, Dolfy" needs to be put on a T-shirt like right now. Get on that merchandising, Escapist.
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    Official: Club Nintendo is Shutting Down

    And here I was hoping to get a WiiU, Bayonetta 2, and Tropical Freeze to push me into Elite status. I hope whatever's floating around still has a redemption code. I'd like to make one last run of it before everything disappears. What upsets me though is that they're suggesting that not even the...
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    8 Games Everyone Will Be Playing In 2015

    Even personal tastes doesn't seem to account for how off the mark this list is, considering how all-encompassing its title claims to be. Even if none of the games I want to play would make it into a popularity list, this list still doesn't hold up. Then again, I cringe every time Schuyler J...
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    How Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just Blew Up the Marvel Universe

    There's a major difference between QS and SW versus the other characters you mentioned. Spiderman IS his own franchise; that's what Sony bought the rights to. Fantastic Four ARE their own franchise; that's what FOX bought the rights to. It's not just the affiliation with the Avengers. The legal...
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    How Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just Blew Up the Marvel Universe

    I personally think it's awesome, for the reason of "Why can't it be both a cool twist AND a spiteful moneymaker?" There's also a LOT of potential for this revelation in the comics, considering that Magneto wasn't always known to be their father in the first place. I, for one, will not be...
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    Zero Punctuation: D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

    Dat "D"-literation doe... It surprises me how he actually managed to resist the temptation to incorporate the word dogshit into this review when he was entirely willing to give us that lovely image of a 7-titted Phil Collins-faced mermaid.
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    Games Which *Weren't* Well Reviewed/Liked...But You Liked Anyway.

    I agree. I enjoyed the hell out of AJ:AA. Hmm... let's see... a lot of these answers seem to be coming from within the last 10-15 years. We need to go further... Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City Action-Adventure Platformer where Michael Jordan throws basketballs (some with...
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    Smash Bros. Fan With Early Copy Streams Gameplay, Leaks Characters - Update

    I'd play the hell out of the Duck Hunt Dog, so long as his laugh is incorporated somehow. Whether as a taunt or a move, I care not.