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    Poll: Has a sequel ever gotten you into the rest of the franchise?

    I generally avoid games if I haven't played the previous ones, unless the story and characters are arbitrary and have no major impact on the series as a whole, like in games such as Saints Row. I got into Castlevania by playing one of the later games, then played the NES and SNES ones after...
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    Gabe Newell Acknowledges Frustrations With Half-Life 3

    I don't care how much longer it takes as long as it's good, and given Valve's past games we can trust them. And has Half Life 2: Episode 3 been abandoned? It seems he's only referring to HL3.
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    Games with exceptional locations

    The Witcher 2, even the sewers in that game looked amazing. Sanitarium, while far from 'beautiful' had some very memorable locations, and what really made them good was how unique each was, in its own twisted way. And of course Vice City. It may be lacking a bit in terms of aesthetics when...
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    Games you liked but quit playing due to an (arguably) stupid problem.

    Crysis 2, due to the constant barrage of tips and advice which pause the game to let you hear monotonous crap. Also how you get spammed with tips when you stay in one location for a while, as you do when you're searching for ammo and such.
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    Poll: High School was...

    I thought it was dreadful and a waste of time while i went, in hindsight it was absolutely fucking dire. I passed my exams and got into university by working in my own time, I could barely stay awake when I went to school. I literally only collected booklets and sheets from school, and used the...
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    Worst part of Halloween

    The worst part is remembering how awesome it used to be and how much I would look forward to it compared to how indifferent I am now, I have many memories of Halloween from when I was younger.
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    What's Your View on Animal Rights?

    Yeah, i'd say many here would condemn that as evil since they wouldn't want to separate dogs and cats into 'domestic pets' and 'meat'. I suppose the inverse is how people here don't care in the slightest how offensive it is to Hindus to eat cows, since it's a different culture that they aren't...
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    What's Your View on Animal Rights?

    I don't get why people are fine with eating what we perceive as farm animals specifically bred for slaughter (pigs, cows, chickens) but if people breed dogs for slaughter as opposed to pets (as it is in many parts of Asia) it's evil. It's a narrow way to see things, given that pigs are more...
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    Lulu: The Lou Reed/Metallica Collaboration

    Metallica still kick a lot of ass live, but they'll never be able to release another Kill 'em All or Ride the Lightening. Overall i'd agree that Megadeth are better, Endgame was far superior to Death Magnetic. But let's not kick off another Metallica vs Megadeth discussion.
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    Exploding PSU's

    Well it was a 750 watt, expensive PSU (80+ certified, 5 year warranty etc) which was far from overloaded (running only a few basic programs, powering only a single 6950 and an i5 2500k). I'd assumed it was simply crap build quality and the capacitor exploded for the hell of it, but is there a...
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    Exploding PSU's

    This was an expensive one, Coolermaster are one of the best brands and I spent a lot on this PSU (there were ones 4 times less). I guess cheap ones are more likely to blow up and if they do, they take everything else with them. Mine seems to have at least shut itself off before killing any other...
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    Exploding PSU's

    I'd considered that, but i'm nearly certain a capacitor blew and leaked stuff onto the rest of the PSU. Or is there a chance that a surge of power can blow a capacitor? From what I know they only really explode due to crap build quality or being real old, but i'm no electrician. It was probably...
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    Poll: Do you turn on the shower before you step into it?

    Yeah, the last thing i'd want is to step into the shower then find there's no hot water left. I wouldn't mind the initial freezing cold grimness of the kvlt frostbitten shower if I was sure the water would be hot after.
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    Exploding PSU's

    How many of you have had power supplies or other PC components go out in a dramatic blaze of glory? A couple of days ago my 4 month old CoolerMaster GX 750w exploded several times, filling the room with smoke and knocking the electricity offline, as well as splattering corrosive acid over my...
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    Poll: So hypothetically , if heaven and hell exists , where do you think you'll be sent?

    My soul's gonna burn, in a lake of fire. Probably along with virtually every other person.