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    Zero Punctuation: Pyre

    The front page has 3 ZP videos on the bar. Slow fortnight guys?
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    Payday 2 Ultimate Edition Announced, All Future DLC to be Free

    I have the strangest feeling that this will NOT be the version coming to Switch.
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    Blizzard is Raising Prices for WoW Account Services in the UK and EU

    That was not what I was suggesting. I believe the game's quality has gone down drastically and it isn't worth the huge investment of time anymore.
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    Blizzard is Raising Prices for WoW Account Services in the UK and EU

    WoW has been around for 13 years. I think it's about time it finally kicked the bucket - even though I doubt it will ever actually happen before it turns 15. Right now, I just feel bad for anyone that still plays it since there are so many other games to play in the TWO console generations...
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    Fan Project to get Breath of the Wild Running on PC Makes Major Progress

    Hey, real talk. Can we please stop using that thumbnail of Link looking slightly angrily in the distance? It's kinda overused, like that sad Mario doll
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    Nintendo Switch Uses a Standard Tegra X1 Chip

    every time I see a Nintendo article on this site I always expect 75% or more of the comments to be about how Nintendo sucks. and while I'm frankly tired of it all I am glad to see that it's kept to a minimum on this piece
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    Why Nintendo Dropped Gamepad Support For Breath of The Wild

    I get the feeling that this article will bring anti-Switch people together so they can bash on Nintendo for enforcing parity on a system that non-Nintendo fans disliked to begin with. That being said - I haven't played the Wii U version quite yet, and I'm enjoying the Switch version very much
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    Nintendo Switch Game Saves are Stored on the Console, Can't Be Transferred

    Nintendo has said that My Nintendo will be a platform for Cloud Saves. It's likely that Cloud Saves are coming before any warranty expires. Not to mention, neither 360 or PS3 had cloud saves at launch. It's hardly worth getting pissed off over since chamges WILL be coming soon.
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    Nintendo Announces DLC Pass for Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I notice a lot of complaints regarding the difficulty - but no one seems to see the additional maps and challenges added in on the same pack. If anything, this will likely be a "Super Hard" mode, since Hero Mode (The Hard difficulty) has been included in every Zelda game since ~2011. Also -...
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    Dear Valve: Please Fix Steam in 2017

    > Valve fixing Steam at any point in time Warning: Loud
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    Report: New Details Emerge About "PlayStation 4.5"

    The last time I saw a machine named NEO, I touched it and it exploded into a million pieces after it realized I didn't want to join its fan club.
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    Oculus Rift Price Revealed as Pre-Orders Open

    --Oculus Rift will retail for 599 US dollars-- Hmm... where have I heard that before?
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 Games of 2015

    When Yahtzee decided to add Undertale as a surprise candidate, I knew it was going to be his #1 right off the bat. He said that it's a game that should be played blindly so you can get the most out of it. Doing a review would be doing the game and its message a disservice.
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    Sony Adds 40+ PlayStation 3 Exclusive Games to PS Now Service

    As few backwards compatible 360 titles as there are, at least you don't have to pay again to play on Xbox One
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    Bayonetta is Joining Super Smash Bros

    Yahtzee has had his fingers crossed for Bayonetta to be in Smash Bros for the last year (despite not liking Smash, of course) I wonder if he'll address this in any way.