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    Smile and Nod: Is it Too Loud, or Am I Too Old?

    I totally agree that the plastic guitar games genre is getting old. I still play guitar hero II with my friends on occasion, they have all the fun I used to have and they ooh and aah when I choose expert while they choose medium. But its been a long time since I played the game on my own and...
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    Smile and Nod: Games to Ease the Summer Drought

    Very very true.
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    Smile and Nod: Games to Ease the Summer Drought

    I want to trumpet the horn for Beyond Good and Evil. Awesome game, great story and a sequel coming out shortly. Get on it.
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    150: Where Things are Hollow

    I'm curious if yahtzee wears his hat in public. I live in melbourne and I don't think I'd pick him out of a crowd just based on his face and voice. If he was wearing that hat though, He'd be hard to miss.
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    Which Wegion Wii?

    yes, dick smith definitely does and I'd imagine tandy would too. You can spend between $40 and $250 on a transformer depending on how much power you need to run through it. Fortunately the wii runs on about 20W, so you should be able to get away with a cheap 25W transformer. Be careful not to...
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    Why Wiimote repair costs more than a new Wiimote (fixed)

    Why would nintendo even offer repairing the remote as an option? They should just say that broken wiimotes out of warranty are effectively write off's since they are cheaper to replace than repair. I'm quite certain if you send a broken one in under warranty they will just send you a new one...
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    Which Wegion Wii?

    To answer the questions I know the answers to...... There isn't much point getting a wii from the UK. Aus and the UK are both pal regions so an aussie wii should be able to play any games you decide to import from europe. Aus tends to get releases around the same time as europe anyway you...
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    Australian game prices, my mission to lower them.

    I'm down with the buying overseas to save money stuff. I don't think I've bought a DS game recently that wasnt the US version from playasia. Not only is it generally at least $20 cheaper, but the US versions are usually released a good couple months earlier, if not more. The problem is that...
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    Smile and Nod: That Which Does Not Matter

    I always find it funny how people complain about rain and cold and "miserable weather". Sure summer is great, I love being outside, at the beach, playing sports etc. But when winter comes around it doesn't mean I have 6 longs months of not summer, it means I have 6 months of weekend trips to the...
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    iPhone, iPod, iBook, . . .

    Can anyone say flamebait? I'm surprised this thread hasn't been locked yet.
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    Yahtzee Goes to Hollywood: Zero Punctuation Previews on G4's X-Play

    I've had this problem for a while now. Its often not possible to keep up with all the posts on the more popular topics. As much as I love how popular the escapist has become, I think I prefered it when it was just a small community.
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    Fox Brushes Off EA Complaint

    Why can't EA just sue FOX and get it over with. These days, can't you pretty much sue someone just for stepping on your toe (literally)? Surely they would have a pretty good argument that public slander will effect sales. If EA (one of the larger companies in the world these days) decides to...
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    Where to start with BSG?

    There are two BSG's that I'm aware of. The old school one from way back when, and the new one that is still running (season 4 is about to start) The new one is the one everyone would be telling you about. It began with a miniseries/tv movie that was essentially just a super long pilot episode...
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    ps3, 360, or wii?

    I think it really depends what your after. Personally I love my wii. I only have 3 - 4 hours each week for gaming if I'm lucky and I'd prefer not to have to spend too much money on a hobby that really is only a couple hours a week, so the wii is perfect. There are plenty of great games...
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    New Bully Release Attracts Controversy In U.K.

    Can someone please make a hookey simulator, and then release it to retail with the name hooker. Edit - FYI: Hookey is a game similar to darts where you throw rubber bands at a board covered in bent nails to score points.