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    Zero Punctuation: Gravity Rush 2

    This is nitpicking at this point. Besides several well acclaimed games have done this without being negatively reviewed. Persona 4 has a True Ending but no one gave it guff after you beat the 'final boss' and you had to, just like Gravity Rush 2, talk to NPCs to unlock it.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring The Thing

    The Thing can't catch a break can it? Every time I hear about how the 80s version was panned at the time and how the prequel's wonderful practical effects were scrubbed over with bland cgi it just makes me depressed.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring A Boy and His Dog

    I remember Beast that shouted Love at the heart of the World being my first introduction to Ellison way back when, because at the time I was a massive Evangelion fan and was surprised that one of the episode titles was almost word for word the same as his collection (with "I" being used as a...
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring The Dead

    Reminds me of Lost in La Mancha and the horror stories of Herzog where the trials and tribulations of making a movie is just as compelling as the movie itself.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Demolition Man

    Oh please, spare me. Your "generation" has allowed these false sense of utopian groupthink to mutate into being a bigoted and small minded as any hateful previous generation you despise.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Jurassic Park 3

    GBF could have just said it was a silly dream and leave it at that without trying for a half baked PTSD explanation.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Leviathan

    Yeah, the evil corporate lady got lucky with just a punch in my opinion. Usually evil corporate goons in movies tend to be eaten by the monsters or thrown out of windows to their death by the protagonist.
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    About the Amazing Spider-Man, I Told You So

    Moviebob! Moviebob! No more escapist with Moviebob!
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    Aerannis Puts Stealth Action Gameplay in a Post-Feminist Dystopia

    "Sorry to disappoint, but I've steered clear of the entire GG debacle. I see no point in engaging in something that's going to blow over anyway." Any day now! It's been three months but any day now! Haha such delusions.
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    All-Female Ghostbusters Reboot Officially Happening

    In the wise words of Peter K. Rosenthal. Is that the best you got Hollywood?
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    Demonization of Moviebob and other Escapist Staff

    Moviebob doesn't need to be fired. Reason being is because if he continues to act the way he does (as he has for years now) he can expect his viewership to drop off continually until there is no longer any reason to employ him.
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    Escape to the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy - Surprise! This Movie Rocks!

    We like to call that the 'Transformers Defense'. See, if the majority do something, it must be right! If everyone went to go see it, it must objectively be a good movie. And by golly, if the patron saint of geeks Moviebob, who has never once been wrong on anything, says so, then it is the damn...