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    Gamestop "giving away" the chance to preorder a Switch.

    You're missing the third option people want: enough stock so everyone who wants to can pre-order. OT: I'm not sure how it is with pre-orders here locally but I'm not even going to bother, backlog is big enough while my wallet isn't, and a year into release hopefully more games will have released.
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    No More Bastion Please - How Overwatch's "Play of The Game" Works

    For those talking about medals: They are assigned whether you are first, second or third in a metric within a team. If you get gold with 5 kills it means nobody in your team got 6 or more. If you get no medal with 30 it means at least three people in your team had a minimum of 31. Also: You...
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    Beware: Windows 10 May Update Windows 7-8 While You Are AFK - Update

    Someone already mentioned it but it needs to be mentioned again: There exists a tool that completely disables and deletes the windows 10 popups and updates and all the stuff you do not want if you do not want to upgrade. It is called 'gwx control panel', it's the first link on google. I'm...
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    Answer everything with a question

    What do you want me to sign?
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    Game of Thrones to the Big Screen? Don't Believe the Hype

    I think something might be wrong with the links, starting from "changing the rules" the whole page is a link, I accidently clicked and got send to an error page, also the [b] on the bottom link.
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    Just as Planned

    The flask contains both piss and hard liquor until observed, I like it.
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    Just as Planned Here you go, it really is amazing. OT: This strip just gets better and better the more you read it and the more you wonder whether it's actually piss.
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    The Future Brings Interesting Conversations

    Nah it's just that it's now the future, and it has brought us interesting conversations instead.
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    Quick Question: Which game is this?

    Tried reverse google image search but there were no suggestions, only "visually similiar images" which aren't worth anything.
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    Blatant Lies

    I'm being very productive and not procrastinating work.
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    Ruin-A-Wish Foundation.

    Granted. It came with ramen allergy. I wish I had a better graphics card.
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    So Just How Much DLC Does Evolve Have at Launch? $100 Worth

    Front page still says $100 and also doesn't show you have made an editor's note (no Update: or anything). OT: Meh, could be $0 could be a million, it wouldn't change a thing for me because I still won't buy a full priced game thats multiplayer/bots only. I just don't trust my internet and...
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    How Long Would It Take You to Play Through Your Steam Games?

    2819 hours or 91 days, 5 hours and 8 minutes or 52x the whole of Breaking Bad
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    What's Your Current Desktop Background?

    With double do you mean 2 monitors with a different background each? If so how do you do that? This is mine:
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    Your Bucket List?

    'Jump out of a plane' is the last thing on the list, great omen... Hope your parachute works when you jump. As for myself: Learn to plan ahead and procrastinate less. Learn Japansese so I can watch raws. Maybe become a twitch streamer? Would be fun but I doubt it would really get...