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    Star Control 2 - Interstellar Awesome

    Heck I played the shareware DEMo for this back in college and even THAT was significantly epic. Gave you a handful of planets to explore, several alien encounters to try and negotiate (or fight) and had me hooked. I only played the first star control extensively (on the Genesis) but I own this...
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    Rumor: Sorry Folks, There Will be no DirectX 12 Support For Windows 7 - Update

    I'll do what I usually do and wait. The publishers are going to build games for the largest install base and the biggest possible audience, so most stuff will still work with what I have now for many years to come. By the time we reach a point games are steering towards this new DX I will have...
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    6 Frame Rate Facts You Didn't Know

    pretty kool. now expand the discussion by doing a part 2 article talking about the technology in regards to common refresh for standard, 3d and 4k tv's and monitors, the difference and limits of HDMI and other wires, and what sacrifices you have to make when going both high framerate and high...
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    Star Wars Episode VII Title Announced

    The only way this will make me happy and smile is if the big reveal is that "The Force" turns out to actually be Cthulu.. then this title absofrickinlutely ROCKS. Otherwise, this is lame.
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    Jimquisition: The 100% Objective Review

    I think you need to release this video in a year in full color and call it the HD remix. Also add new music, frame it slightly different and add one extra clip and then charge us to view it. Really. I am begging you.
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    Double Fine's Brutal Legend Receiving IndieBox Re-Release

    just an fyi they polled us when they announced this (i have a subscript with them) and this release is not doing a USB cartridge but an actual dvd due to the size of the game. pasted from the email: Hi there IndieBoxers! This month, we are bringing you a huge game, and we don?t...
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    EA: "If The Sims 4 Isn't Successful, There Won't be a Sims 5"

    I think what will ultimately decide is after a few expansions, if EA begins to see a degree of Consumer fatigue due to cost vs benefit for Sims. When the game and all of the "stuff" and expansions get too expensive to keep up with for the average person, you'll see a sharp drop off in numbers...
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    Atlus Breaks the Shackles on Persona 5, Reveals Protagonist

    I really hope this is one of several characters and not the MC. I like the idea that since it is a side chain that is broken on the website, it will be a series of characters shown leading to the actual MC in time. Atlus likes to throw little twists and traps to the fans, and this falls...
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    Escape to the Movies: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - Bleeds Substance for Style

    haha always wanted to have a movie reviewed by Commissioner Bunny Face... lol
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    Jimquisition: EA Access ... Denied

    Unless Jim gets a weekly bit on CNN or some other major news outlet on tv, the majority of the public will not know any different and most likely the industry will continue on as he speculated and just get worse because the largest chunk of the buying public is doing so ignorant of this stuff...
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    The Big Picture: Who Was That At The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

    Dangit I woulda bet good money this weeks would have been about the scare with Studio Ghibli closing down... But I'll +1 the idea of going into more detail with good ol Howard the duck's old movie. Would be interesting to find out if there is ANY trivia or nuanced hidden stuff in it I missed. :)
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    Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden Will Release On Wii U This September

    It is about time. I speculated on this on the Atlus forums years ago and even made a mock up photoshop showing how great an idea it was. I'm psyched to see them do it, kind of wish they'd do it with the whole collection as a master edition. Heck I even wrote a blog about it on...
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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    Ok now apply this kind of logic to Video games and the fact that so many practices and evolutions of the business is because of the audience, not entirely the publishers, and I'll be right there front row at yer other project (game overthinker). This logic, sadly, applies to a lot of modern...
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    Ubisoft: Straighter. Whiter. Duder.

    Well I agree her reaction was a bit extreme, but it was a reaction none the less. People can be 'put off' for their own personal sticking points, and her disappointment with the news about this was enough to sour her appreciation for their work. She is also not a hardcore gamer, with a lot of...
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    Ubisoft: Straighter. Whiter. Duder.

    Great article. I think it is pretty fair and balanced as well. A friend of mine is a rock climber and also gamer and she WAS playing through this franchise because it was well made and she enjoyed a lot of the similarities of climbing and doing crazy agile things. Then she found out about...