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    Hot-take time: Fantasy is a dull genre

    "I am going to make a blanket state about something I am only willing to look at the surface of, and then say I am not willing to put effort in to change my opinions." Congratulations, you intellectual, you.
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    Crowfall Interview - ArtCraft Entertainment Talks MMOs, the Industry, and More

    I do like it when the escapist does long interviews with devs.
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    Blizzard Has Announced the Newest Overwatch Hero: Ana

    You do realise that there were things that hinted at her character since the beta's right? And the pose was replaced with one based off nineteen forties pinups.
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    Say hello to the new Iron Woman

    Blah blah, racist and sexist comment, failure to acknowledge it as publicity stunt and that Tony will put the suit back on, racism, sexism, blah, blah.
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    Regarding a certain popular theory about Jon Snow. (Possible Spoilers)

    No, he's clearly the child of Brandon Stark (Ned's Brother) and Ashara Dayne.
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    DC Comics Will Soon Reveal Joker's True Name

    Eh, it'll be retconned out.
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    The VVitch - Ye Olde Horror Film

    Why is the title two Vs and not a W?
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    Crowfall - Anyone else interested in this?

    I pledged to the kickstarter. I just want to play as a minotaur with falconry.
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    Dumb place names

    Ticklecock bridge.
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    What/Who is a Mary Sue to you?

    To me a Mary Sue is a character who is omnicompetent, or even their failures end up doing good, and morally infallible. The best example off the top of my head is Legolas. Not only is he so great with a bow so as to defy gravity, during the battle of Helm's Deep, when he thinks all is doomed, he...
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    J.J. Abrams Addresses Lack of Rey in The Force Awakens Merchandise

    If someone's in a fight and their weapon is knocked away from them, are they not going to try their hardest to recover it? Secondly, he's a sith, he's wounded and he knew Rey was force sensitive. Those are three reasons for him over do it, and be desperate enough to try anything. His fighting...
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    J.J. Abrams Addresses Lack of Rey in The Force Awakens Merchandise

    The term Mary Sue, while technically inaccurate due to not be self insert, is accurate. And Luke isn't a Mary Sue, he has his ass kicked by Tuskan Raiders. He then almost has his ass kicked by Darth Vader if not for Han Solo's help. Han Solo, while borderline Mary Sue, has some dodgy morals to...
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    Anyone care to suggest a good co-op game?

    With the new reforging mechanic the entire loot issue in Vermintide has been solved. In general it's a fun co op game where the players actually need to work together to survive, and you can decided on the level of difficulty through both the difficulty settings, and by picking up grimoires that...