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    The Big Picture: Baggage

    I'd say that these still wouldn't be "normal" or "objective" as there are still a number of sampling errors and choices indicative to the methods. If you're looking at the professional reviews that might mean that its coming from the opinions of an audience with say potentially more of an...
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    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Remake Coming in 2014

    I hope you're kidding there. Original voices all the way! :P
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    Titanfall Team Decides Against Single-Player Campaign

    Ok that saves me the trouble of buying it, poor wallet is light enough as it is.
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    Microsoft Addresses Xbox One Concerns

    Well the exclusives lineup had better be chocolate covered orgasms...
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    Ubisoft Says Gamers Are "Starving" for Next-Gen

    Really what consoles need isn't more power but making it easier and cheaper to develop games. If the next consoles can do that great if not its only going to end badly. While power is nice what is needed is the tools to make interesting games possible not more power just for the sake of doubling...
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    Jimquisition: Objectification And... Men?

    ...depends on her man.... I can think of a lot of people that don't want that (me for starters). Thanks Jim for once again proving that my cringing dread at seeing a topic come up in your show is entirely baseless.
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    LoadingReadyRun: The Thin Blue Clue

    Aww poor paul how was he supposed to see those clues without his glasses!
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    Is 'The C Word' Sexist?

    I'm really not sure someone can juggle this really isn't an insulting action in my mind but I'm going to use it as an insult. But cocksucker usually more of a homophobic insult. If you're using an insult there's an unstated premise that what ever you are saying is an undesirable action...
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    Is 'The C Word' Sexist?

    Obviously nothing is set in stone with language it is always changing. I don't know that I'd call say Merriam-Webster unofficial (urban dic sure though) which includes woman as a definition. I should maybe clarify I'm speaking solely to using it as an insult or a term of disparagement. I also...
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    Is 'The C Word' Sexist?

    If you go looking at both official dictionaries (and even informal ones like urban dic) you repeatedly see **** as referring both to female genitals but also just "a woman". As it's been popular enough to make it into the dictionary I'd call it fair to say ****=women is another definition. I...
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    Is 'The C Word' Sexist?

    Asshole doesn't have a long history of of telling people how worthless they are for having one the way **** does. Nor the larger implications that the only proper way to act is like someone without an anal orifice the way men are policed not to act "feminine". When the anemones enslave us...
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    Is 'The C Word' Sexist?

    Condom is the etymology of the word scum bag. I think it's sexist to use any of the gendered insults including ****. All the definitions for **** come back to women's genitals. Using that term as a disparagement or contempt for an individual shows a contempt for women's genitals and by extension...
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    Is 'The C Word' Sexist?

    If you use vagina as a slur then that would be sexist as well. Asshole isn't sexist since everyone has one they are not unique to half the population. Scumbag refers to condoms of which there are both male and female versions again not restricted to either gender.
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    What Aspect of Gaming Would You Like to See Improved?

    Gamers. Can we fix them and make them less awful? I don't care how many of them you think are there problem, there are enough creating problems that they need fixing above everything else.
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    It Never Ends

    And I'll just leave this over here....