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    Possibility of a Pokemon Yellow remake?

    Yes, and that is likely the next we will see of the Pokemon main series. After that, it's one big question mark. Gen 4 remakes are pretty likely at this point, but I would not be surprised to see another gen 1 remake. Gen 1 is now the furthest stuck in the past on GBA with the first remakes...
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon Aren't good Pokemon games.

    I really enjoyed Sun and Moon to be sure, especially in my first playthrough. I like the new Pokemon, I feel we got a nice new Pokedex worth of mons. The theme of the region and it's real world inspiration felt well expressed, more than any other region. It has the best professor, hands down...
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    Splatoon Wins Japan Game Awards GOTY

    Still the gamepad only. Which makes sense since it's so important to how you play the game. Having access the map in real time on the gamepad is very important, and you need the gamepad to be able to jump to teammates and use certain specials.
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    Splatoon Wins Japan Game Awards GOTY

    Not sure what the criteria is for this award, but I can't complain. I myself still play Splatoon regularly.
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    Nintendo Direct September 1st

    I hope there is a neat surprise in this Direct. If the NX is what we all think it is, the 3DS is on its way out in several months. Pokemon is a great send off, but one last big game to come in January or February would be neat too.
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    Poll: Favorite Metroid Game? (Conditions inside)

    Prime 1 is my favorite, and in my top ten games of all time. I just replayed all the Metroid games recently, and it's amazing how great it still looks and plays to this day. If I had to list them all it would go: -Prime -Prime 2 -Fusion -Prime 3 -Zero Mission -Super Metroid...
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    NOT well-recieved games that you like and won't stop defending.

    Having just beaten it, Metroid Prime Federation Force is actually a good game. Nothing spectacular or mind blowing, but anyone who gave it less than a 7 in their score was likely angry about its existence, and did not give it a proper chance as a standalone game. It's a fun FPS that works on a...
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    Metroid Prime 4 STRONGLY hinted at in Federation Force

    So, my brother got this game, and I've played about an hour of it, and, it's not bad. So it's not the Metroid game we all want, believe me, the announcement of Fed Force felt like a kick to the stomach. But having given it a chance, I'm sad that it will be forever condemned a horrible game...
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    Turtonator Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

    I like it. Sure, it won't top my favorite Pokemon of the same typing, Reshiram, but it will definitely be on my team in Sun and Moon.
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    Pokemon Sun and Moon starters evolved forms may have been leaked.

    Not gonna lie, ever since I saw these I hoped and prayed these were fakes. Knowing now that they could be very real, bugs me a lot. If this is real, my positive perception of their first forms will tank hard. Litten and Popplio's embody what I really disliked about Braxien and Delphox's design...
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    You all miss the Escapist's glory days, what are your ideas for how could they come back?

    I definitely agree, there needed to be a way to up vote comments you like at least. That way, you could communicate that you are reading people's posts. I see lots of posts I could respond to, but it would likely be more trouble than it's worth. Say if I agree with a post, being able to upvote...
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    Classic Monsters Get a Makeover for Pokemon Sun and Moon

    You and others with the same opinion need to come up with new Pokemon to complain about. You aren't the first one to whine about Ice Cream and trash bag Pokemon. At least find others to complain about. By the way, the generation which those two come from have 156 Pokemon. If those two and their...
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    Poll: Do you still play pokemon go?

    I think it's still pretty big. I haven't started yet since I'm waiting to get a new phone, and I want the servers fixed, more stuff added like trading and battling, and more Pokemon. I will definitely miss the zeitgeist of its release, but honestly, it might be a lot more fun to start long after...
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    You all miss the Escapist's glory days, what are your ideas for how could they come back?

    I can honestly say everything that I used to come here for has been replaced and improved upon. So sadly, anything I can think of to make this site awesome once more is kinda redundant. For a sense of an online community, I have EZA for that. The twitch streams, the forums, I feel much more...
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    Can a piece of work have both style and substance?

    So instead of just saying the same thing as everyone else did (seriously guys, you all don't need to say they aren't mutually exclusive) I'll just say an example. The first that came to mind was Wind Waker. The visuals were amazing for their time and still look great today, despite the...