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    Mass Effect 3's Ending Won't Affect Andromeda

    Personally what Aaron Flynn said offends me on so meany levels. First off the original Mass Effect came out in 2007 not 2011-12. Second how can Andromeda be a continuation if your completely ignore 3 ending, I get why it would be hard to wright for each possible ending, but to not even try or...
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    BioWare Confirms Mass Effect Andromeda Release Delayed to 2017

    I personally can't really generate enthusiasm for Andromeda after what happened with ME3 ending, it will make Andromeda world drastically different from player to player as it would also, be really hard to write without ignoring it and it's effects which might be the idea there going with but I...
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    Borderlands 3 Confirmed at PAX East

    I would like to see how battleborn does before I even consider Borderlands 3, also where can the story go? Yeah the ending of 2 showed that there are more vaults out there, but with telltale's tales of borderlands (I haven't played but heard that they're good) could cause problems for future...
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    Fallout 4 Will Have a DLC Season Pass, Regular Free Updates

    Oh no Bethesda don't do this you still have 2 mouths till it comes out. This is only going to make people mad and give the impression that you cut out content, now if you waited a few mouths after it was released people won't be as mad cause that game would be so good, so no one will want to say...
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition's Final DLC Adventure Is "Trespasser"

    I'm not to sure this is a good idea for the story, it clearly is trying to be bigger better when it's just putting you behind an 8-ball, for no reason but for tension. Now I don't think Orlais makes since, in my ending she was loyal to me even if her people thought that she leans to much on me...
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    Rumor: Mass Effect 3 Getting "Better with Kinect"

    Kinect is a bad idea you can't make the game more inpactful with motion control I think that it will kill the flow of the game when your killing someone then a watching shep starts freak out becouse you steped of the scaning area. I hope you can turn it off without it having to be a part of core...
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    Mass Effect 3 questions?

    I have a question for the gaming community what do you think that bioware will add to Mass Effect 3 and just other themes that may be used to tell it's story (My questions are the time frame and the characters because if it's more then a year then thane will be dead and I find that jack has...
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    Game characters you wish were real

    Same but Tali from Mass Effect 2 but not the hole dissect her thing that would be just wrong wrong indeed and maybe Margaret from Persona 4.
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    Achievement you're most proud of

    Mass effect ally achievement, call of duty MW on Veteran and Halo Reach alone on legendary.
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    Mass Effect 2...seriously, wtf?

    I have to say you are right I loved the first Mass Effect and the final battle on the Citidel with waves and waves of geth I loved getting Saren to kill himself but the round 2 with him was just crazy it was better then the Mass Effect 2 final boss, I liked the Collectors but turning out that...
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    Poll: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories- Will it be good?

    I was talking about the story not like the first one but's it story is the same both were looking a lose child but still it looks bad.
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    Poll: What could be nexts for Resident Evil

    I just thought of somthing that they could use in Resident Evil 6 like the unknown company that ada worked for and have you play as HUNK or someone new. Have him go after this unknown company who has the sample of las plagas and that they are making a new super plagas that are infecting the...
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    Poll: Favorite Final Fantasy System/ FF14 Idea

    Personally I liked the materia way not only can you change on the fly but not have the limited fighting style as job's would. In FF7 when you mastered materia you could spawn more of that materia like the rare and powerful summons and make them more and have like 3 zero Bahamut and if crazy...
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    Poll: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories- Will it be good?

    I think Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will be bad cause it looks like you can't fight and it is just silent hill 1 but with a graphic upgrade personally.
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    recast left 4 dead 2

    Light Yagami the brains, Hotaru comic relief to burn people with unlimited molotov cocktail, Riddick the stealth bastered, and Saya blood thirsty anime chick.