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    Skyrim Streamlining Removes Confusion, Says Bethesda

    The idea of choosing how u are going to play the game before u play the game was kinda flawed. So Im looking foward for this new way.
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    Recommend me low requirement pc games.

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    Duke Nukem Train Wreck Trashes Take-Two

    How can piracy makes the sale worse? And why piracy and pc are related?
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    E3: Silent Hill: Downpour

    How the might have fallen.
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    E3: Modern Warfare 3

    Why make a new game if there are people who buy the same game over and over.
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    Trailers: Warhammer 40k: Space Marine: Combat System

    Is he a Primarch? Because I dont think a space marine is that strong.
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    Trailers: Fable 3: PC Developer Diary

    I could have bought this game last year but after all the great games being launched, fable 3 dont stand a chance. Witcher 2, Skrym, Batman, Alice, Warhammer etc. And at the same day as Witcher, thats crazy!
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    CD Projekt Gets Up Close With The Witcher 2

    I already have the witcher game and I will buy the witcher 2 from GOG, so I dont know what Im gonna do with it.
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    Batman: Arkham City Designers Toyed with Penning New Character

    Dammit, another game Ill need to buy this year.
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    PC Version of New Deus Ex Developed by "Partner" Studio

    Well no pre order for me.
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    289: What Happens in New Vegas

    Poor guy, if he had been playing on pc he would almost never crash. I played the entire game with more than 100 hours and I think it crashed 1 or 2 times only.
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    EA Plans to Try Good Games Instead of Good Ads

    Man I bought Command & Conquer 4, it is one of the worst games I have seen and I was a fan of the series. To me at least the C&C3 was good enough. I will only buy games from EA if it has a demo or someone I know or a site I trust likes it.
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    Nickelodeon Greenlights Steampunk Sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Thank god they will make a sequel avatar was great. Hope they make a very big serie with a lot of cool characters like Sokka and Toph.
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    Blizzard Unleashes Final, Jaw-Dropping StarCraft II Launch Trailer

    Dammit I have still 2 days of work, how can I work after watching this trailer? Im going to sue Blizzard for releasing this trailer. My life will end after tuesday Im fucked.
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    New Resident Evil Movie Trailer Filled With Silly Fun

    Is that the pyramid head throwing the huge axe? or it is his brother?